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ULTIMATE LUXURY FIGHT — 2020 BMW 7-Series vs. Mercedes S-Class: Comparison

Which $130k LUXURY sedan is best: the 2020 BMW 750i (7-Series) or the Mercedes S-Class?? Let’s find out in this COMPARISON between the …



  • Car Confections
    June 5, 2019

    Thanks for watching, everyone! We have found a small error -> the cargo capacity numbers are reversed in the text box even though they were read correctly and points were given correctly. Sorry for any confusion this might have caused!

    August 8, 2020

    Giving points for the rims which are optional and the s class has a lot more…. go look at BMW Individual rims then say Mercedes looks better(doubt you would). Everyone knows that BMW has supreme building materials compared to s-class which are cheaper

  • Varsham Ghazaryan
    August 8, 2020


  • optimus prime
    August 9, 2020

    I would have to take the

    Lexus LS500

  • Kacper -
    August 9, 2020

    Who buys 19 wheels for luxury sedan??

  • revlz
    August 11, 2020

    8:10 did realize the changed into a g wagon 😂😂

  • Jay Wali
    August 13, 2020

    The 7 all day. I'll give the S to my grandma. BMW is a man's driving machine.

  • nilesh chotaliya
    August 13, 2020

    You said range of miles for mercedes and you didn't compared fuel tank capacity for both what's this man ??

  • And the Oscar goes to………. 7 series! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!

  • Nikhil Shankar
    August 14, 2020

    BMW is best

  • Shakeem
    August 16, 2020


  • Florian Liefers
    August 16, 2020

    It is rainy with the S-Class and sunny with the BMW (0:1)

  • Mega3eye
    August 18, 2020


  • Sky Blue
    August 19, 2020

    s class is better car

  • Camelot
    August 20, 2020

    People over 40 take the S Class, people under 40 take the BMW.

  • Eric P
    August 21, 2020

    BMW just looks better.

    August 23, 2020

    Take the Bmw

  • Armin K
    August 27, 2020

    4:20 I don't know about BMW but s-class does NOT have remote start keyfob.

    It's only via the app which doesn't work most of the time..

  • moss
    August 28, 2020

    i'll take neither and wait !

  • Vishnu
    August 29, 2020

    Instead of these two cars I'll just take the Lexus ls500

  • Lukza Zwane
    September 3, 2020

    Awesome, awesome guys. The best comparison review of both vehicles I've seen. Thanks guys, from South Africa 👍👍👍👍

  • Gor Petrosyan
    September 6, 2020

    100% you are mercedes fan!!!!!
    No points for price, and point for piece of plastic in the trunk for mercedes? How about interior sizes….?

  • abdullah qazi
    September 9, 2020

    subscribe to anuzz vlogs

  • Mahmoud husien
    September 10, 2020

    BMW iťs my dream car 😍😍

  • Kimery Uhl
    September 12, 2020

    Porsche Panamera turbo Executive

    September 12, 2020

    MERCEDES-BENZ look better……….

  • vasil shumanov
    September 12, 2020

    BMW top ❤❤❤❤

  • Fdili Malainine
    September 24, 2020

    I love Mercedes-Benz for what it stands for throughout it's history…but if i could afford one of these vehicles i would get the BMW

  • Audrey Aud
    September 25, 2020

    Owning a BMW, I can say without a doubt, they are both simply breathtaking…

    After being a MB Boy all my life, I bought my wife a BMW.

    I had a Mercedes Ambulance made from an E Class years ago, in the foreign mission when the Land Rover LWB kept stranding me in the worst places, lol! The MBenz was flawless!!!!! It never disappointed – though I did get it stuck once in Ecuador, the car served me very well in Chile, Columbia, Argentina, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Belize.

  • M MSTQ
    September 27, 2020

    BMW is the one who also makes ROLLS ROYACE 😏

  • Layth Mahmoud
    September 29, 2020

    You messed up Car Confections you said that the BMW has more cubic feet in the back at 16.3 while the S-class has 18.3 cubic feet in the back.

  • {MZ} SHAKO
    September 30, 2020


  • {MZ} SHAKO
    September 30, 2020


  • Alex Nedelcu
    October 1, 2020

    Luxury? Mercedes. Speed? BMW. It’s simple.

  • B Alshamisi
    October 2, 2020

    Mercedes S-Class

  • Atilla Ugur
    October 3, 2020

    Yes mercedes s class

  • Aldo Delcorso
    October 6, 2020

    You forget the champ, the Audi A8L . Anyway, sometimes trying to prove that you are the best is just an insult

  • ollo LoL
    October 7, 2020

    Why This segment call S class This is the answer. Why lexus Ls called a Japanese S class? Not 7 series

  • Norby Ursaciuc
    October 7, 2020

    The BMW 🥰🥰🥰 all day long !!!

  • irrasable
    October 11, 2020

    That grille is a joke

  • Ali Sattar
    October 12, 2020

    S class only

  • AJBeatz
    October 16, 2020

    12:17 “power at all times”

    nissan rouge passes him

  • Darius
    October 18, 2020

    Now donit with a Maybach

  • Ray Ban
    October 20, 2020

    I think BMW made the grill a bit too large this time. Both beautiful cars.

  • void T
    October 20, 2020

    why r u trying so hard to mess with BMW because u know its amazing and superior and we all know it but try to be normal when u make the next video and 1 more thing to say MERCEDES is shit

  • luke glenn
    October 31, 2020

    10:40 I think you typed the numbers wrong

  • Jesus Quezada
    November 8, 2020

    The S-Class Mercedes aesthetically is hideous and needs to be discontinued immediately.

  • king of darkness
    November 17, 2020

    What about air noise isolation and isolation from outside noises which one is better ?

  • ggg lol
    November 19, 2020


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