The all-electric ID.3 1ST – Talk to a car | Volkswagen

Brighten things up and drive an all-electric companion that listens, understands, and acts on command. NOW YOU CAN.Start electric: Find out more on the ID. Hub: #NowYouCan #volkswagenTo see the latest videos, subscribe to the Volkswagen YouTube Channel: Volkswagen on Social Media: Facebook: Instagram:


  1. I gave the first like and first comment

  2. Good luck for volkswagen hope can be The most popular electric cars brand in The future

  3. Can't wait to get mine!

  4. Würde schon mal anfangen Stellen zu streichen, den da was auf euch VW in den nächsten Jahren zukommt wird Nokia & Kodak toppen.

  5. Unveiling/revealing a car in full camo wrap. Brand stupidity at its finest.

  6. VOLKSWAGEN can you give me one porche 911 please

  7. I wish this car can come with some super sci-fi engine revs just like Tesla & E-tron.

  8. Vw should set up new fabric in Turkey because you can always find easly workers 🙂 i read news and just share u idea…

  9. Bruh I have great conversations with my '96 honda when im high

  10. I hope the bump on the hood, ahead of the windscreen, will be gone by official launch in september.. 😃

  11. Make a electronic (battery based car)
    On vs polo model.

  12. Bring this to the US

  13. Whats da name of the track ???

  14. this man looks like he's high.

  15. It awakens your senses what they do wire it wrong or something .put your foot down and get a huge shock to your butt

  16. But not in America.

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