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The Bentley EXP 100 GT is a celebration of 100 years of Bentley Motors and a look towards the future and what’s next?! Positioning itself as far as 2035, the car features both autonomous and self-driven experiences mixing in many sustainable materials and futuristic AI technologies.The EXP 100 GT is Bentley’s 13th concept, but instead of following the traditional naming structure pays tribute to their 100 year history since 1919, with the GT representing the Grand Touring characteristics. The onlooker is visually greeted by a large illuminated front grill with headlights overlapping the sides, with a sharp shoulder creaseline leading towards the swooping rear. The physical scale is large, coming in at 5.8 metres in length and 2.4 metres wide, while weighing 1,900kg – an impressive feat considering the batteries.Onboard are 4 electric motors producing 1,500nm of torque that can help propel the car to 100km/h (62mph) in 2.5 seconds and on to a top speed of 300km/h (186mph) while also offering a 700km range that can receive 80% of charge in just 15 minutes.Most importantly though, where Bentley have built a brand of cars for the driver, the idea is to move to a future where this continues to be possible in the same vehicle that also offers an autonomous experience if required alongside. With modes available including Cocoon (opaque glass and noise cancellation activated), Re-Live (replaying previous driving experiences with smells to match), Enhance (emphasise the sights and sounds from outside) and more, the idea is to incorporate levels of AI. It also features the Bentley Personal Assistant which would read your vital signs, remember all of your settings and optimise the experience. While also being able to save this information for any other Bentley figure you may drive anywhere in the world.Upon the reveal of the EXP 100 GT at Bentley’s HQ in Crewe, England, join me then to take a first look and check it out in detail as we can walkaround both the exterior and interior.Thanks for watching, TimSubscribe: Website: Shop: Instagram: Facebook:


  1. Join me to take a first look at the brand new Bentley EXP 100 GT, a futuristic concept launched to celebrate Bentley's 100th anniversary and give a vision towards the company's future. As we discover the car together, what do you think of the choice of direction and importance of being able to self-drive further in time?

  2. All I see is so much resources (time, money, materials) in it and for what?

  3. It's too over the top -who designed this piece of shit!
    Elton John?!

  4. 2035? Why show now wth


  6. I Can't Even Speak. What You About To See.

  7. until 2030 there gonna be anti gravity vehicles.

  8. How I wish these wonderful designs would be released until they invade the streets and dazzle the eyes!!
    Because the monotony of design did not serve simple cars What was supposed to be simple cars in attractive forms and cheap price Because not all people have money
    More precisely..If the designs are sophisticated and beautiful and attractive price affordable Drivers will find more time on the streets because they are happy with their cars and this will increase fuel profits, for example, simple
    While if their cars have a practical design only you will not find them in the streets to rarely because their cars are not stunned or enthusiastic, so cars will be parked most of the times and It will not consume much fuel, for example.
    Therefore, all the unattractive designs should be surpassed from practical cars to luxury cars to sports cars If we are to break the rigidity of selling cars around the world.


    Ali suroor

  9. You know james the stradman?!

  10. It’s okay to breath when speaking, and speak slow enough for people to understand.

  11. Exhausting hammering description.

  12. 2035 🤔 this will look so old fashion by then

  13. These ridiculous interiors on concept cars never make it to production.

  14. Thats one ugly fuckin car lol

  15. So depressing. not good for me. This is super nice. can only be in my dreams. It’s a nightmare. So sad!

  16. BMW: haha we have the biggest grill
    Bentley: uno reverse card boiii

  17. If it's a car for the future. Why have I seen multiple people on TikTok and YouTube with one of these? All in different locations.

  18. too many pointing at it, you should be more careful with your left hand!

  19. Shame on these German designers, butchering a truly timeless British classic by making it look like a generic Audi from a Disney Starwars movie. Any car designer worth their weight in shit should obviously know that the only way to go in regards to sports-coupes is to return to the essence of the Azure. And by the way I’m German so don’t get yall’s lederhosen in a bunch.

  20. For show it looks cool but even if I had the money I wouldn’t want it , it just has too much futuristic shit . It ain’t for me

  21. Much better than Rolls Royce's concept car IMO!

  22. I’ve always loved futuristic concepts and I’ve loved the Bentley styling cues that this model has borrowed from the Speed 6 since that first appeared. I’m really not sure the interior concept will ever be realised though. We’ve seen these ‘lunge seating’ arrangements in concepts since the 1980s! The quirky oblong steering wheel, too, will never appeal to a real driver but it looks good as a concept nevertheless. Cheers!

  23. The latest grill with a set of wheels attached to it.

  24. Ugly, perfect example of someone having more money and using his company to make his own ideas that are not marketable….but its his money and he can do what he wants. We wish we could all do this.

  25. Give me job Bentliey Car Factory


  27. We are in the future! Bravo Bentley! Magnificent!!!

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