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And so here is the brand new facelift 2020 Audi S4 Sedan / Limousine. I went to Italy to the Bolzano area to take it high up to the mountains. It’s a redesigned front fascia with slightly different rear as well. In the interior, gone is the awesome scroll wheel from the MMI, and there is now a big touchscreen in the middle. The biggest change comes in the engine, where it’s now powered by the 347hp/700Nm V6 TDI Mild Hybrid Diesel engine, for the European market.
Don’t miss the high quality photos from this session as well. Check them out at the page, where you can also download them in high quality for your wallpapers. More info: (click here)

Car: 2020 Audi S4 TDI Sedan quattro (347hp/700Nm, 3.0 V6 Turbo Diesel + electric compressor + a 48volt mild hybrid system)
Color: Turbo blue
Performance 0-100kmh/62mph: 4,66 (tested), 4.8sec (official)
Location: Bolzano, Italy
Camera & lens: Canon Eos 5D Mark IV / 24-70mm
Thanks to: Audi Germany

Music: ”Epic History Legend Inspiration” by Salabaiko

#audi #s4 #news4



  • Auditography
    July 18, 2019

    Sorry for the missing Auditography plates. Blame Munich Airport for misplacing my bag with all my tripods, sliders and the Auditography plates were gone for all my days of shooting in Italy. Luckely Audi supported me with a tripod and slider, since I had my camera in my handluggage, I managed. But with no plates 🙁 Anyhow, enjoy the new Audi S4!

  • Michele Poma
    September 16, 2019

    Mercedes AMG laughs

  • 강현서
    September 16, 2019

    Does this car uses diesel?

  • Steven Macdonald
    September 16, 2019

    Best looking audi currently for sale in my opinion.

  • Michael Johnson
    October 4, 2019


  • Sebastian Argañaraz
    October 9, 2019

    An S4 with a TDI engine? That's new for me, but let's see what reviews state

  • Eüro Nasty
    October 13, 2019

    What they should have done was do a hybrid gas and electric! Like the modern day supercars, electric for off the line so u get that instant power like a Tesla but then normal turbo takes it from there.

  • Vasile Sendrea
    October 18, 2019


  • Keith Hughes
    October 19, 2019

    It's such a shame that Audi have gone with their new idea of False Exhausts, I would imagine the S4 would sound better with another exhaust and would look better over time with 2 exhausts getting dirty together

  • Fuad Huskic
    October 31, 2019

    Hi what’s the price if you don’t mind lm looking forward for 2nd s4 in future

  • Gerardo V.
    November 10, 2019

    Can't wait to see the S3!

  • UNLEASH 22
    November 12, 2019

    Touchscreen full of fingerprints is just what I need, diesel hybrid sport? I hope the B9 drop in price but if the diesel don't sell the B9 will retain its value.

  • cali kali
    November 20, 2019

    Dam,I and was waiting for my infinti q50 lease to be up so I can get an s4,I guess I have to go towards the c43 or the bmw 340i

  • Johnnie Saghian
    December 2, 2019

    It reminds me of Passat somehow
    The rims are bbs looking
    Its weird but technically and technologically shall not disappoint in any way.
    Hopefully the passatness of it will break in with time

  • Miguel Sandoval
    December 3, 2019

    More that prize you would expect more hp

  • Yukon Grizz
    December 5, 2019

    They should fire the designers for just sticking my iPad on the dash. I would never by it just for that reason.

  • Joe Wu
    December 5, 2019

    What's the BGM?

  • Saad Kiyani
    January 6, 2020

    Its interior kind of reminds me of a bmw

  • Where can I find your company in South Africa

  • Gerald Maier
    January 8, 2020

    Fake Exaust and Sound!? Like the new S6? Then 🖕🖕🖕💩

  • Jim G
    January 13, 2020

    I'm excited about the animated lights coming on my S5 Cabriolet. I think the touch screen will cause unwanted touches. The knob could be turned no matter how bumpy the road was. I see myself touching the wrong thing. The sales manager was talking up the turbo blue but I just love the tango red and will get it again.

  • JDCPA80
    January 25, 2020

    Really nice job editing this video. Job well done.

  • Paulo Gomes
    January 26, 2020

    What is this? A Christmas tree??
    Fucking idiots….lights ok what about reliability?🤣🤣🤣

  • Mr Grey
    January 30, 2020

    Why put Diesel engines in? Relics off a fore gone age, soon to be banned!

  • Mr Grey
    January 30, 2020

    Sure it’s a great car, but like others have said S has no place here while running a D under the bonnet

  • Lê Tùng Channel
    February 7, 2020


  • Dan Dana
    February 8, 2020

    Next time when you rev the engine actually rev it properly what’s that lil sound about broom broom broom fcking step on it dude broooooooom brooooooom ffs

  • John Doe
    February 9, 2020

    God Bless America for giving us the gasoline version and not the diesel.

  • Jordan Joestar
    February 20, 2020

    Manufacturers -"okay we got this guys! Our car is officially the highest in tech".

    Audi every single year -"Can your lights do this?"

  • petar gamer_1
    March 11, 2020

    Audi s4 tdi no am dont like this engine but tfsi is better for me, 😕😭😢😢💍💍💍💍

    April 1, 2020

    Love your epic songs

  • Javedan Ali
    April 1, 2020

    Looks better than m340i.

  • Javedan Ali
    April 1, 2020

    No carwow blue it is.

  • Womble Stacker
    May 12, 2020

    Is the S4 Quattro to

  • Womble Stacker
    May 12, 2020

    Sounds like a diesel pulling up

    May 13, 2020

    sounds like a diesel

  • Lubabalo
    June 4, 2020

    Uh… it's a no for me. What do you think Simon?…

  • 🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍diesel😒😒

  • Jl ZM
    September 20, 2020

    Love s4

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