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Volkswagen e-Golf 2020 review – is this now the best value electric car?

The world-famous VW Golf has gone electric! It’s almost identical to the regular Mk7 Golf, and it’s brought the same interior fittings and features… But it’s only got a range of less than 150 miles! With such low mileage compared to the competition, does the e-Golf have what it takes to go head-to-head with more established family EVs? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!

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  • G Lover
    July 15, 2020

    £200 per month? Dream on!

  • Tom exe
    July 16, 2020

    I like the fact that it looks like a normal car

  • Wadi 369
    July 23, 2020

    You say "click on the pop-up" WAAAAAAY to much, I'm tired of watching carwow vids.

    July 26, 2020

    Araba inceleme videolarımıza hergün bir çok video eklenecektir. Sadece bizi takip edip bildirimlerinizi açmanız yeterlidir ARABA DÜNYAM sayfasını takip edebilirsiniz 🇹🇷💣👍🇹🇷💣👍🇹🇷💣👍

  • Matthias
    July 27, 2020

    You dont have a helmate on

  • Autumn hardy
    July 27, 2020

    Hi could you recommend any good electric cars for a family of five and has a big boot??

  • Thor Arne Rugsveen
    August 2, 2020

    One of the worst electric cars you can buy today, no cooling or heating of the batteries and the battery has low voltage. This results in low DC charging speed and poor efficiency.

  • SB C
    August 7, 2020

    100% electric 0% interest

  • Lukas
    August 8, 2020

    Which car do you think is better and why? The Leaf or e-Golf?

  • Joao Guilherme Pan
    August 10, 2020

    In Portugal for instance this car makes 0 sense. It costs 42k euros where the Tesla model 3 costs 48, with 50% more range and a lot more performance. Don't even get me started on the actual features…

  • Anders Nielsen
    August 11, 2020

    Nice car except for the relatively low range and the fact that they put all the weight over the back wheels. It should have been between the axles like in other electric cars and the ID.3.

  • KilonBerlin
    August 16, 2020

    now with VW ID.3 and that new platform (ID.4 will come, this time also to the US) will there be even ongoing production/marketing in countries where at least the VW ID.3 is available? With current german reduces tax (16% instead of 19%) and a huge ~9.000 reduction in price if the car price is less than 40k €uro (just don't know if 45,999.99€ and 6.000 reduction already qualifies for full cash? because cars over 40k get less, I think at 70.000€ you stop to get any cash, this advantage in price makes the "Long Range" Tesla Model 3 compared with a same range VW ID.3 ~50% more expensive and the model 3 already is a cheaper version, so not as many luxus like in a Model S?!

    I dont drive car and maybe there is a difference between (e-)Golf an ID.3? I was wondering about even some positive reports and comments from the US like "sad you can't buy it in the US" and even tesla fans which have by farthe biggest online lobby reporting fair about the range-price ratio and that its a good step at all from VW, the new platform which will reduce price for many models to come sounds also good, VAT is reduced for sure for the rest of 2020 and I think the support of 6.000€ (+ missing tax for this and every car producer agreed to reduce the price another 3.000€, here otherwise 16% or soon again 19% tax would make it some hundred €uros more expensive too, so this will be a good year for all EVs except for the high-end configuration of the Tesla Model 3, the Model S/X at all and Model Y will not come before 2021 at all, but this support will/can(?) last until the end of 2021, I just don't know what happens if all the money they gave to that project can be refilled without problems once or more… because the whole corona virus brought record low oil prices, which is good for some old markets where EVs dont play any role in privat vehicles anyway, but many people had time, made videos, people prefer to buy their cars now online… and somehow these people are very often the targeted young buyer group, in the US the "first car"-factor is even much larger than here in Germany or Europe (except parts of Scandinavia xD)

    but now really every brand has to pay fines or bring fleet consumption to levels only to be achieved with EV's (as they count 0 even in countries like Poland with ultra dirty power) or extreme much hybrids, also full EVs to a limited amount bring double points in that fleet consumption table. Tesla has made a deal with a normal producer, so they can sell their 100% EV rate for a lot of cash to many producers…too bad for them Norway never was part of the EU as it was the 3rd largest market of tesla when counting started I think

  • Arrowlog Productions
    August 26, 2020

    Why did YouTube get rid of the pop out banners?

  • Max Cowell
    September 2, 2020

    I always wondered what Fernando Partridge would end up doing with his life 🤔

  • A S
    September 6, 2020

    Why is it 18 plate but says 2020 in title

  • All You Need Is Belaz
    September 15, 2020

    What is "Speed limit"?
    Greetings from Germany :)))))

  • CC Rawlinson
    September 23, 2020

    May not be the best but it is good, and would be much better if VW, Porsche, Hyindai, Ford, Chevrolet, all the rest of them had certified "mechanic-electricians" to work on their own cars at dealerships in at least majpr cities. What…VW suppose to have a fleet of new EV models by 2025.

  • e golf, e-tds, e-up, gte etc… all of them were useless moneypits for vw… all improvised e versions of normal cars. this way they wanted to win some customers who wanted e cars. but I am not sure if the investment was even worth it. maybe from them they got some experience so they could make the new ID cars

  • this car would be worth it for about 15k euros… not for 30

  • Andrei Simionescu
    October 1, 2020

    This must be the worst half-hearted attempt at making an EV I've ever seen. Fuck Volkwagen

  • Peter Karlsson
    October 2, 2020

    The only thing missing is a E pill and we are set too go..

  • J Wagner
    October 4, 2020

    What annoying guy..

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