The best car tech upgrades to give as a gift this holiday

A new Android Auto or Apple CarPlay head unit can transform the daily drive, and a smart dashcam makes your recipient’s car a connected vehicle. Brian Cooley runs down those and three other top picks that are the best car gifts this holiday season.For more go to► Subscribe & hit the 🔔 for more Roadshow videosVisit us online at Twitter @Roadshow : IG @RoadshowAutos : Facebook:’t miss our next video! Hit the 🔔#CarTech #GiftGuide #AutomotiveGifts_____________ C19STACK


  1. This video saved my life.

  2. When I see Cooley, I click so fast!

  3. Where can I get the bumper sticker again?

  4. There are the worst gift ideas humanly possible. Jesus man, you used to be cool and now you’re making the dumbest shit.

  5. lol i got a 4k dashcam with gps for $60, you just have to shop around

  6. The real gift is Cooley.

  7. You and the skinny are on the same channel? What?!!!

  8. been driving 24 years, never needed a dash-cam. Another stupid waste of money, resources and time (unless driving Uber)

  9. Didn't you just do a video on why the assistant voice speakers are redundant? Why recommend them?

  10. Holiday gifts? Which holiday??
    It’s a whole season of holidays that include gift giving!!
    Except it’s not, it’s just the one.

    It called [censored].

  11. can you pls tell me what type of arm to keep the dash cam like that at 2:49? tks

  12. I'm thinking of getting my Dad a digital radio adapter for Christmas (where I live in the UK, those adapters have DAB+ tuners to received additional stations that can't be received on FM or AM), since I don't think my Dad is ready for CarPlay or Android Auto dashes, considering the car entertainment system is pretty old.

  13. Remember dash cam video and audio is evidence that can be used to help you prove you are innocent but it can also show you are guilty. The police or insurance company can easily get a court order to get the footage from you. If you destroy the footage that can be considered a crime as well. I wish somebody made a dash cam that supported encryption.

  14. I see Cooley , I click without even read the title

  15. Yes! I want a "Connected" dash cam.

  16. I know you don't normally mention vendors/retailers, but in this case, Crutchfield should have been recommended for the head unit. They've done the research to tell you which models fit specific cars, they sell the units with the dash kit, with a wiring dongle so there's no real wiring or splicing, and detailed instructions.

  17. cooley check the tech nice to see your video sir

  18. Cooley – great again!

  19. What if they have a Tesla?

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