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2019 Kia K900: Understated, underrated

Kia’s large sedan doesn’t just fly under the radar, it’s all but unknown in the luxury automotive space. However, it’s certainly worth your attention, with all-wheel driven performance derived from the automaker’s sporty Stinger and a surprisingly high level of cabin tech.

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  • Christopher Leamons
    December 20, 2019

    I like the handheld tablet docking capability; front & center of the dashboard.

  • willkid123
    December 20, 2019

    I’m glad Antuan shaved his beard.

  • Looolcom
    December 20, 2019

    Man … wear something more appropriate for the videos .. “luxury car” then maybe a shirt instead of this

  • Ryan’s Rides
    December 20, 2019

    Awesome looking car inside and out. I can’t wait to buy it in 10 years when it’s worth a quarter of what it is priced at now.

  • Zak Ty
    December 20, 2019


  • U WUT M8?
    December 20, 2019

    IT'S THE BADGE! the badge will always (say it with me) it will ALWAYS make the car look cheap

  • As_i_c_it
    December 21, 2019

    And outdated. ICE cars are history.

  • weirdshibainu
    December 21, 2019

    Worst name plate ever….k900? Stupid

  • Usman Ladan
    December 21, 2019

    The interior of this car looks stunning.

  • Lance Efron
    December 21, 2019

    Great review. I love that Kia has the confidence to take on the luxury brands. The car appears almost silent during the review.

  • Joe
    December 21, 2019

    Okay hold up, inside and out it looks beautiful. But is that road and wind noise inside? It would have been better without the elevator music in the background. I hate wind and road noise.

  • Blake Swan
    December 22, 2019

    Such an impressive car. Very well done at a great price

  • JJ
    December 22, 2019

    That looks like a 1999 Lexus /Cadillac interior. Outside they tried to copy the Germans, Americans, and the Japanese car designs all in one.

  • Barry Goldwasser
    December 22, 2019

    Another winner from Hyundai Group.
    The South Koreans are eating everybody's lunch.

  • Peter Chiung
    December 23, 2019

    Kia :pretending to be something that its not… premium

  • Syed Usama
    December 23, 2019

    the good thing about the korean brands is that you get almost all the extras like german premium models, on a very affordable price..
    the bad thing is , they depreciate much more faster than german competitors. like if an E class or an A6 or 5 series loses 10 thousands in 3 years kia would lose more than 20 and thats sad.

  • TheMichaelRN
    December 27, 2019

    Better than any Infiniti or Acura sedans.

  • Aequitas
    December 27, 2019

    The grill is too big and the design not distinct and inconspicuous.

  • buzman1985
    December 29, 2019

    Speeeeeech boy

  • julius jones
    January 10, 2020

    I have two of them

  • jarfors
    January 12, 2020

    This car is great! It’s a shame it doesn’t sell well :/

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