Mercedes-Benz AVTR: Everything you need to know about James Cameron's Avatar car

Avatar came out in 2009 and the next Avatar movie won’t hit the big screen until 2021, but that hasn’t stopped Mercedes from developing a concept inspired by the blockbuster film.► Subscribe & hit the 🔔 for more Roadshow videosVisit us online at Twitter @Roadshow : IG @RoadshowAutos : Facebook:’t miss our next video! Hit the 🔔#Mercedes #ces2020 #Avatar Category Autos & Vehicles


  1. Oh I miss spelled sorry 😐

  2. Batteries do NOT go straight to landfills. That is rubbish. They can be completely recycled. Problem is that this car will NEVER be produced.

  3. So AVATAR the movie may be delayed, but AVTR isn't 😉

  4. when is it being released because i don't care about the price i WILL BUY IT NO MATTER THE PRICE

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  6. Don’t say they will have sex and produce baby cars😂😂😂😂

  7. Wow look how pretty, I love this car I want it for show, like show it off

  8. How much is this car worth????

  9. Me: wow
    Deep down: Wait for Tesla to get to this stage we are COMING SOON!!!

  10. Hmmm… if they can charge a car that goes 400 miles in 15 minutes, just shows how much the governments are making a mug out of us. They talk about us paying out extra money for going in to certain areas. Electric cars are now being sold for crazy money that doesn’t even charge like this car. It’s all corrupt. If this video is true then anyone who wants to drive should be getting this kind of productivity from their charge in their electric car. If governments are that serious about our planet then this type of charge should be available for everything. Luxury is created by those living in luxury. Making big money from each other. This shows us a little glimpse into what is already out there for the few who can afford it. I bet you that technology is even more than this, but it’s kept away hidden from us. I would really like to be scooped up and given an insight into what is really out there in this boring excistance of a life I know.

  11. Tesla did a really great job at accelerating the world of electric car X'''(

  12. This is supercar Tarzans next movie AVATAR THE SUPER WONDER CAR

  13. È meglio la Matiz di mia nonna

  14. Araba değil bu canavar acayip güzel😱

  15. the future is now

  16. So what the average guy can't afford it. Show me a manual benz with twin turbo and then ill be impressed

  17. It's a toy. You'll never see this or anything like it on a regular road. The current crop of bland Mercedes cars should tell you that.

  18. Wow… what a stupid car 😂

  19. All fun and games until you get T-boned at 30

  20. Don't worry about it. Dems GreenKnewDeel will have us on bicycles 🚲,scooters 🛴 and skateboards 🛹

  21. This is on Another level 💪

  22. Wow another car that can’t go over a bump

  23. Why did she say subscribe 🤔

  24. That glass scares me

  25. Why I am thinking tron meets hotwheels?

  26. The scales on the back make my skin crawl and I have no clue why but I dont like it

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