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The Fisker Karma Is the Craziest $40,000 Sedan You Can Buy


The Fisker Karma is weird — really weird. Today I’m reviewing a Fisker Karma, and I’m going to show you around one of the weirdest, most unusual vehicles you can buy for $40,000 or less. I’m also going to take you on a full tour of the Karma, and then I’m going to drive the Fisker Karma.


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  • Freddy BronzeVille
    October 25, 2020

    Doug is a man-giant, why bother to try ANY back seat lol.

  • Nobody Usgjsj
    October 25, 2020

    People are looking at the karma while I’m looking at the hummer in the background

  • Soviet Gopnik
    October 26, 2020

    Why is the artificial engine noise so ominous lmao

  • •_
    October 26, 2020

    Even in 2020 the Karma is a beautiful car

  • thesaucegod
    October 26, 2020

    the design is truly one of the only strong points of this car.. its absolutely gorgeous, but no surpise considering Fisker also designed the DB9

  • Ilja Suoniemi
    October 26, 2020

    Pretty bold of you to call uusikaupunki bizzare when your name is made of butter and sugar

  • Christopher
    October 27, 2020

    For the years to come…. Oops..

  • Chris Keo
    October 27, 2020


  • Chris Keo
    October 27, 2020

    It's like this car was produced by Sabre

  • Nexus5 Google
    October 27, 2020

    Designer ego unchecked, aka the Fisker Karma.

  • DylValentine
    October 27, 2020

    It’s got a moustache

  • Blake Gibbons
    October 28, 2020

    Craziest, possibly. Most insane? No.

  • Alberto Alvarado
    October 28, 2020

    Oh my God, that “serving you in the years ahead” joke was downright awful.

  • Direct Yo Feetza
    October 29, 2020

    If that infotainment system is replaceable, that’s a really nice modern car.

  • Certified Chaos
    October 30, 2020

    That design was crazy and timeless. That car turns heads no mAtter where u are

  • jay mindyah
    October 30, 2020

    not much was put into this car .. well in the right place

  • Tony McHugh
    October 30, 2020

    Sounds like Quinten Tarantino's extremely annoying brother

  • black cabbage
    October 30, 2020

    this is magnificent to behold, I'd buy this over a shitty Tesla anytime

  • Kakashi0101
    October 30, 2020

    40 000 $????

  • greg h
    October 30, 2020

    fisker stock can now be bought on the stock exchange symbol FSR. Its $10.25 a share as i'm posting this in oct 2020. Who wants to be a millionaire?

  • Guinea54
    October 31, 2020

    This car is a fail just for the backseat alone.. Why would anyone want a four door sedan with a backseat you can't even use… and the exhaust by the window was really retarded.

  • dreamkiss4u
    October 31, 2020

    damn 0 to 60 under 6 seconds is mediocre….some people have been blessed to much in life to drive cars that fast and expensive lol so may so much money to get under 8-7.

  • mohammed almetwali
    October 31, 2020

    “Under the hood”
    shows trunk

  • ramoth
    October 31, 2020

    looks like a Walmart version of the Tesla Model S

  • user136002
    November 1, 2020


    Nope. As far as I'm concerned the brand is completely dead.

  • Ui Kim
    November 1, 2020

    What a stupid car lol

  • J. Frank Vargas
    November 1, 2020

    I clicked on this for a review. Had to stop watching because of the sporadic jokingly negative opinions on the design and features.

  • uRfuckingStupid
    November 2, 2020

    garbage hopefully it won't blow up on you

  • Brad Wolf
    November 2, 2020

    Ela rayzamb una dojstelf

  • hkdiva2015
    November 3, 2020

    Fisker just went bust.

  • MALTE Eeg
    November 3, 2020

    15:33 but you are around 2:15 tall

  • Jackson adams
    November 3, 2020

    There is a car that looks just like it in GTA it is called hijak kramelion its a underrated car

  • Julio Huang
    November 5, 2020

    justin bieber car XD

  • Ancient Kid
    November 5, 2020

    FISKER IS BACK !!!!!!

  • Derrick Logan
    November 6, 2020

    It's only "Bizarre" because it's Unique. Maybe you're just looking for a " Normal" Vehicle!
    I think that it's a very Beautiful ❤️ Vehicle!!!

  • Derrick Logan
    November 6, 2020

    Try to think of it this way? They spoke of years to come, because if you have doubts about succeeding, chances are you won't! You have to believe in yourself and your product! The navigation/map definitely needed some work, but maybe the some of the reasons why it failed is maybe….well planned, but bad execution for a production Vehicle. On looks, it is Beautiful!

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