Andy Wallace: How to … Chiron – Episode 4: Launch Control

No other driver spends more time in a BUGATTI CHIRON than he does: Andy Wallace. In the last few years, the Englishman and Pilote Officiel covered a total of over 150,000 km in the hyper sports cars from Molsheim. He thus is the perfect person to show owners and fans how to make the most of this unique vehicle. In a series of five video clips, Andy explains the car’s technical details in a comprehensible manner and reveals what the CHIRON is capable of and still driving it safely. Fasten your seatbelts! #BUGATTI #Chiron #AndyWallaceAn important note: „How to … Chiron“ with Andy Wallace has been produced before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Bugatti Team and all of the parties involved in the production of this video are aware of their social responsibility and continue their work in accordance with the instructions given by authorities, recommendations of international experts and the respective government regulations.


  1. Make video of buggati Chiron super sport

  2. I wish I have this car and this my dream car

  3. A Koenigsegg with AWD will destroy Chiron, lol

  4. Why does gran turismo sport only has the bugatti Veyron and bugatti vision gran turismo ? No buggati chiron, bugatti eb110 s, old bugatti gp race car while other racing games has these is it something to do with licencing issue with polyphony digital?

  5. Best car in the world.

  6. The fascinating thing about a Bugatti is that it looks elegant and brutal at the same time. I adapts to it’s surrounding. Amazing Job

  7. Thanks for another quick hit of Bugatti…great series!

  8. oh i’m sorry this doesn’t help, literally 1/4 of your viewers have chirons 😭

  9. I realy realy love bugatti but you have to say, porsche launch control is the best. But Bugattis are still faster and cooler😂

  10. Oh thanks, I didn't know how to use the launch control on my Chiron but I just learned with this video, I'm going to prove it right now.

    Hope I don't wake up before…

  11. Finally! Someone made a tutorial how to use the launch control on a Chiron. Now I can finally launch my car… I still need a tutorial for launching my Divo though!

  12. beautifull, is amazing

  13. Finally! Someone made a tutorial how to use the launch control on a Chiron. Now I can finally launch my car… I still need a tutorial for launching my Divo though!

  14. I just lost a minute of my life that I cannot reclaim.

  15. I love you… Chiron
    I have no words for her

  16. Must have used a Devil Sixteen to film it?

  17. I was so annoyed not knowing anything about my Bugatti's launch control thank you so much for this video!!

  18. It helped me thanks

  19. thanks for the tutorial now i can use launch control in my lego bugatti chiron

  20. How would a race between this car and a prius look like? Would be interesting to watch.

  21. #bugati sir please jesko ko hrao sir please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  22. I hope the people who commented things like “I didn’t know how to use the launch control on my Chiron” actually worked hard to make the money to get the car instead of just being born with large amounts of cash in their pockets

  23. I really want to be the cameraman next to Andy xD

  24. Great! I can’t wait to use this

    In racing sims

  25. Hey Bugatti is there any way I can get a free Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport? Preferably Blue and Black or White and Black with red lights! Feel free to dm me about the shipping and arrival date! If your bosses have a hard time accepting the deal, just let them know I will market the crap out of the thing! Can’t wait to talk to you soon, thanks!😂

  26. I’m glad that 30k people needed to know how to use the launch control

  27. Short but Satisfying😂👌

  28. What would a Chiron weigh, & cost that had every metal part replaced with an exact copy made with Titanium?

  29. now I can use launch control on my Bugatti hot wheels.

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