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2021 Nissan Ariya: Is this ELECTRIC SUV, better than a Tesla Model Y?

Take a look at the Nissan Ariya. After the success of the Leaf, Nissan is stepping up to a more premium EV to compete with the Tesla Model Y

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  • A - Aron
    July 15, 2020

    Looks like a ford edge

  • Alexander Maran
    July 15, 2020

    I mean it’s no Bronco but I guess it will do.

  • Vlad Saghin
    July 15, 2020

    What about the battery heating/cooling management? AKA by far the worst flaw on the LEAF. Also, does it still have Chademo?

  • Logan Rossignol
    July 15, 2020

    Of course it's not better than the Y. A considerably larger battery for maybe the same, but probably less, range.

  • Jules 069
    July 15, 2020

    It's nice. Like the look & tech.

  • Yas
    July 15, 2020

    late 2021?? so far away!

  • Sundaruu
    July 15, 2020


  • Carrington Hollister
    July 15, 2020

    I bet money this will have a Renault version as well.

  • Carrington Hollister
    July 15, 2020

    Can they bring the Xterra out already

  • Joshua M
    July 15, 2020

    300 mi / 87 kwh pack sooo base model 63 kwh should be around 220 mi and base Ariya @ 40,000so not the longer range looks up model Y price $50,000 w/ 315 EPA range. The long range Ariya will be equivalent price to the Model Y by the end of the day. With the tech advantage in autonomy and charging network going to Tesla, picking the Ariya over the Tesla would be bizarre choice.

  • mcheddadi
    July 15, 2020

    please a three row version

  • Matthew Hunter
    July 15, 2020

    It certainly looks better than the Tesla. Aside from the original car, the Tesla vehicles are hideous.

  • Akhil Bolla
    July 15, 2020

    I hope it doesn’t have that Stupid CVT

  • Charles Yu
    July 15, 2020

    Gg murano

  • Jameel Ja
    July 15, 2020

    Nice looking. And it only took Tesla to finally push the big car makers.

  • BigHeadClan
    July 15, 2020

    It's starting to make sense why Tesla cut Model Y costs 2 days ago so the Model Y starts at 43K now. Curious to see how the interior and trim/performance levels will look but all said the Ariyia looks like it will be a home run.

  • HY
    July 15, 2020

    Amazingly beautiful..

  • Jarod Forsythe
    July 15, 2020

    Wasn’t it a max of 380 mile range?

  • Stingray 0430
    July 15, 2020

    I love how the hvac controls are illuminated directly onto the wood trim. Haven’t been a fan of Nissan suvs of the past but the Ariya and the new Rouge are changing my mind.

  • 72tubedmiaz
    July 15, 2020

    Much better than model y, Aesthetically speaking

  • Dave Taylor
    July 15, 2020

    Interesting, would love to see different colors

  • InternetDude
    July 15, 2020

    Wow that is nicer than a Tesla Y!!

  • Beast Boì
    July 15, 2020

    Well done.

  • Rick James
    July 15, 2020

    base model is fwd? prob mass apeal cheapo car. but awd might be cool if priceed decently.

  • Andrew Radford
    July 15, 2020

    Good stuff Nissan!

  • venom5809
    July 15, 2020

    Beautiful car inside and out and don't look cheap like cars from a certain company we all know.

  • Matt Zomb
    July 15, 2020

    where 's a designated charger? without that there is no point.

  • Ivan Vojt
    July 15, 2020

    Skip to 0:31

  • yakyakyak69
    July 15, 2020

    Leaf's "Quirky Styling" aka UGLY!

  • Justin Kim
    July 15, 2020

    A bigger question is: Will Nissan face bankruptcy sometime in the next few years?

  • Shantul Nigam
    July 17, 2020

    I wonder if they will have an Infiniti version of this.

  • james Ponga
    July 17, 2020

    Not a single car made yet on an assembly line. Still has old ancient knobs and switches, trying to please old ICE owners, antiquated battery design. The Nissan dealer here has over 50 new 2019 models rotting away on the lot they can't sell. Nissan is in trouble as are most ICE makers. Something bad is going to happen soon to GM and Ford as well.

  • Jesse Ramirez
    July 18, 2020

    No Nissan cvt. Electric might be the way Nissan can climb out of debt and into peoples driveways.

  • 3Dogs1CatandMore
    July 18, 2020

    Very interesting design que; not sure it's going to be cheaper than Model Y. Remember, based model of Ariya at $40000 should be compare to Model Y standard plus which is not out till next year. On the other hand, to compare to Model Y Long range, which is $43690, we also don't know cost for Ariya with dual motors and 90KWH battery. The stateme about under cut Tesla is simply not factual. Lazy journalism, I would say. I shall bookmark this video and when price is finally unveil, let's revisit this.

  • Barry W
    July 20, 2020

    Hard to compare to Model Y when this thing won’t be on sale until December 2021. Bring on the competition, but this vehicle does not exist yet.

  • Reddylion
    July 26, 2020

    First time I am really liking some Nissan product….. ariya electric⚡️car. they could loose some more buttons off steering wheel etc… make the touch screen lot bigger than elongated one, but very good effort. definitely a y competitor.

  • You drive it in Asia or Europe then it's better than Tesla. You drive it in U.S, then certainly it sucks! Intelligent people will understand my statement!!!

  • Daniel tan
    August 24, 2020


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