Top Gear Patagonia Special — Best Moments..

Top Gear Patagonia Special — Best Moments..

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May back in the Top Gear Patagonia special in which the trio will embark on a 1,600-mile journey through Patagonia to the southernmost city in the world. They will be driving the Porsche 928, Lotus Esprit and Ford Mustang through swamps, beaches, forests and ski slopes while at the end there’s going to be a car football game against Argentina.#TopGear #JeremyClarkson #RichardHammond #JamesMay #TheGrandTour


  1. A rare footage of indian hammond!

  2. Japan gets nuked, Argentina doesn't, yet Argentina is mad. mad lads

  3. The MUSTNG is so frikin shmexy

  4. Argentina ruined the show. How childish

  5. "I'm going to beat you to death with a bat." -Jeremy Clarkson.

  6. Argentina, why u so dumb.

  7. im lucky to be chilean and not argentinian LOL

  8. Argentina is a weird nation. They get pissed at number plates and starts rioting. They get pissed at Messi for not doing "enough" for their national team and again starts rioting. A rly greedy nation.

  9. Top Gear la broma no les salió bien jeje

  10. Is it just me or is that swoosh thing between every jump cut super annoying and unnecessary?

  11. Haha, what a bunch of c*nts.

  12. argentina : started a war against britain and lost.
    argentina : Tried to humiliate british crew by stone-pelting them, instead world humiliated them for their foolish madness.
    argentina be like: am i a joke to you!?

  13. I really think Clarkson would’ve kept the 928 if he could, it’s a shame Argentina can’t take their word for it or even an ironic license plate.

  14. Come on Argentina.
    Cant you at least be like France?
    They've started and lost a crap ton of wars. They dont get made. They just pretend it never happened.
    Heck, they started pretending they hadn't started the Vietnam War while it was still going on.

  15. 2 7 letter words with 3 F's in them… Wonder what that could be (7:38)

  16. Por estupidos les pasa, merecido por provocar

  17. They were harrased by Falklands War veterans.

    "Veterans" who ran away from the battle. Useless pricks

  18. Hammond's looks like Austin Powers' car

  19. I just hate argentina… and argentinian… and guess what. I live in argentina.

  20. 7:29 he does that indian accent way to well

  21. 12:33 omg what episode was this and why are they doing that?

  22. Imagine getting so pissed of by a joke. If it even was something in the first place. What a sad life you must have. Not strange these kind of countries don't manage to get themselves out of the shit..

  23. Ah Argentina…..the ultimate Nazi ally lol


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