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  2. if u beat a car like 720S like that it must be a crazy beast which 918 is

  3. Firstly, thank you for putting a proper driver in the 918, that guy reaction time was impressive!!
    As much as i ADORE the 720s, i must say that 918 is simply incredible.
    The 720s is a ridiculously fast car, but it looked like VW against the 918
    Enough said!

  4. Put the McLaren p1 vs 918 in the next drag video u do .

  5. I don't know if it is my phone (after it had a quick bath 😅) but the audio is quite bad!?

  6. I really thought even a “stock” 720S would have fared better. That 918 is 🤯

  7. To be honest i don't think anything can beat a 918, i mean maybe a rimac or demon in drag mode, but i don't know, porsche made a quarter mile killer

  8. Its not part of the Holy Trinity for nothing

  9. Sorry…..I cant take these 15 ssec.
    commercials were forced to endure, what a shame, I love you Mark and this Channel.

  10. Get a better microphone!

  11. And now what does it take to beat the 918??? The CHIRON of course.

  12. 720>trycan
    My favorite car is laferrari 😍

  13. 918 best car ever made & it was 7 years ago.. absolutely insane

  14. 918 is a beast…but there's a different between a spots car and a hypercar

  15. Those fucking Porsches :DD

  16. P1 nails that 918 in longer than 1/4m. 1/4 m too short for rear wheel drives

  17. Porsche is so Crazy………

  18. 918 is simply the best hypercar ever made for that price.

  19. 5:55 oh wow the 720S is only 140000£ !? What a bargain 🤩

  20. The 918 Spyder is boss!

  21. Hahaha…918 Spider killed Tycan !!

  22. I want to see 918 Spider against Tesla Roadster next year !!

  23. You guys need to get mics. Lol

  24. Porsche should continue with the design of the 918!

  25. Great drag race however very poor sound and video quality. You show up with a £1,200,000 car and record the race with crappy equipment. Get some good microphones and a camera man who knows how to focus and I will subscribe.

  26. Brooks is not gonna watch this video

  27. The electric motors are the key.

  28. One part of HOLY TRINITY, Porsche 918 is an unbelievable car💀💪💥

  29. Presenter say Tican. It say TAY CAN …Come on at least say it right!

  30. No one should do drag races but dragtimes he the best driver in my opinion

  31. wait you didnt told the time took

  32. The king himself wasnt there ( p1)

  33. The dude driving the Taycan had impaired vision! The 918 passed him from the get go, not from 90 mph!

  34. I want them to re-release the 918 with more powerful motors and lighter weight. Can you imagine what porsche could do with it in 2020? 1100hp 918

  35. You guys are racing a car that have 150+ more hp and lighter than the other and think that's fair racing must be joking

  36. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Soon as that Taycan Maxes out at around 160mph……. we all know who will finish 1st. 😏

  37. So after you win your dream car……. then what?

    Because thinking logically. I win my dream car ($250,000 +) I would drive it for a while……. but when that maintenance / service(s) come……. I’m selling that car. 😂 Yeah I won my dream car; are they also paying for the maintenance and service fees too? Cause if not……. drive it a few times; sell it (maybe not drive it at all and then sell it with low miles).

    Get about $200,000 in my pocket purchase / finance a New Camaro and invest a portion of the remainder money and then call it a wrap.

  38. I LOVE the Porsche 918! -EASILY one of my TRUE favorite cars!

  39. Porshe 918 is King for speed! 🚀

  40. 918 is my dream come true in 2004 I was impressed of carrera gt but disappoint when you can't drive it everyday I always wanted to taim it and the 918 solved all of it I still feel it should be v10 and instead of v8

  41. Old wisedom, never mess with he Germans.

  42. The sound of such raw Porsche power, makes my heart jump.

  43. You guys need a Mic ASAP

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