MANSORY Bentley Flying Spur

The all new Bentley Flying Spur with MANSORY‘s refinement.Power increased to 710 HP (522 KW) and 1000 Nm.The top speed of the sedan increases to 340 Km/h and the car does 0-100 Km/h short in 3.6s. Several 22” light weight fully forged wheel designs up to a sport exhaust system available.


  1. Yes a gift for my mother 🤩 she’s going to love it

  2. Guys do you provide jobs . It would be a dream come true to work with with you..

  3. The is the best thing ive seen since corona

  4. No matter which car or model, matter It's mansory customised 😍😍

  5. I gotta step up my game… Just realized I'm skipping. Damn!

  6. Jesus Hockeysticks Christ that's a spicy meat-a-ball.

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