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Here's Why Doug DeMuro Doesn't Review Modified Cars


People often ask me why I don’t review modified cars. Today Doug DeMuro is explaining why he doesn’t review modified cars. I’m going to explain what a modified car is (to me, anyway), and then I’ll cover the reasons why I only review clean, unmodified cars.


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  • Paul
    September 25, 2020

    All makes sense, I'd rather see cars reviewed as they were. Also your dog is cute.

  • scottie0112
    September 25, 2020

    Why not just add a channel for the modded cars?

  • shine59
    September 25, 2020

    @doug: The Prosche GT2RS you reviewed had very ugly aftermarket wheels from the owner.

  • Dav Ford
    September 26, 2020

    Just make a 3rd channel lol, Doug’sModifiedSelections or something lol

  • Marcus Balzer
    September 26, 2020

    You forgot to mention the craziest one. The 2 Fast 2 Furious S2000. I guess the DeLorean time machine reason applies on that one. I'm glad that you have that standard, though. I usually prefer unmodified.

  • David
    September 26, 2020

    Hi Doug, is it possible for you to review my car, it will be so F. nice : GLA45 Amg 2017

  • Juwon Rich
    September 27, 2020

    Caused u scared bro smh

  • Maanus Mei
    September 28, 2020

    Sitting here at Northern Europe and cringing with my slightly personalized 1992 Audi S4 😀

  • Edgar Jasson
    September 28, 2020

    Mid ground Mani.

  • Myron Carheel
    September 28, 2020

    Never review modified cars. You test these vehicles and if someone has a modified vehicle with problems that’s unknown, he’s possibly the blame. Some modified cars seem to have problems because you can never really get them perfect

  • Noob_Driver
    September 28, 2020

    Doug DeMuro: I don't review modified cars

    Also Doug DeMuro: *reviews the supra from the fast and the furious*

  • Goman552
    September 29, 2020

    How about the first crashed C8 thats been rotory swapped with no lights on the dash

  • marcoxtv
    September 29, 2020

    Well i have a 2007 g35 sedan with test pipes and te37 reps wanna review it?

  • Guilherme Cabral Freire
    September 29, 2020

    RR Phantom Drophead Coupe with black wheels

  • Stigs722
    September 29, 2020

    Doug the kind of guy not to review a modded car.

  • c g
    October 1, 2020

    Doug, down to one shirt, and love noodles. Or is it noodle

  • Amartya Chakravorty
    October 2, 2020

    Doug should make a channel called Mod Doug Demuro or Doug DeMod

  • Иван Карелин
    October 5, 2020

    Create another channel where you will watch cool modified cars

  • Oleksii Gerasymenko
    October 5, 2020

    Hi Doug, could you explain what is special at Party-Bus from Mers Sprinter?

  • Paku Liew
    October 8, 2020

    I am going to begin referring to cars that fit this criteria as "Doug DeMuro Fresh".

  • Chocolate Chop
    October 9, 2020

    Just came to see Dog Demuro

  • Driver SPB
    October 9, 2020

    Doug there us a Rolls Royce pickup truck! You should look it up

  • Faheem Iqbal
    October 13, 2020

    what about a small (not obnoxious) body kit

  • Commando Jack
    October 15, 2020

    The Rolls Royce convertible you had reviewed had aftermarket wheels and you admitted it in the video but you still reviewed it saying the appearance looked better

  • 王Eric
    October 15, 2020

    9:33 Dog Demuro (noodle) is tired of Daddy Doug’s speech 😂

  • edm s
    October 17, 2020

    I have a 1997 Honda Civic EX, just over 400k miles on it, with original engine and transmission. Only new part that's visible is the radiator. Everything else is bone stock. Even the broken radio, worn out seats, and non existent headliner.

  • Chris Solomon
    October 18, 2020

    did anyone else see the dog more than doug throughout the entire video ?

  • netweed09
    October 18, 2020

    It's a really good policy and I always rate him as long as he does it. If he were to review mods, the lines of products would become totally blurred beyond even identifying a product as 'unique' anymore.
    Would just be a gang of tinpot junkies screaming that their 'device' was the Best, with another tidal wave of differing and confusing views in the already cluttered comments section. Keep to some semblance of Official and identifiable structure

  • Acura Vigor
    October 18, 2020

    Can you Review a Acura Vigor I wish you could review mine because it’s fully original but I live in Canada

  • TheKingOfZim
    October 19, 2020

    Who is in the gt

  • Brian Turney
    October 19, 2020

    Hilarious to see that the "Up Next" video is of Doug, reviewing a modified car. "This Honda S2000 is a Fast and the Furious Movie Icon"

  • Wire Trap
    October 26, 2020

    My tastefully modified NSX doesn't care. It gets a good review at every gas station whether I like it or not.

  • VenomPlaysRB
    October 29, 2020

    This is outdated he reviewed a modified Honda S2000

  • Justin Coxon
    November 4, 2020

    I apreciate your guide lines for viewing vehicles. I bought a new 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quatrafolio because of your video. And absolutely love it btw.
    Thanks again. Keep up the good work Doug 👍

  • Kawasaki FAST
    November 10, 2020

    Can i review your Ford gt ? Loll

  • Shepherd Thorpe
    November 11, 2020

    Then he went and reviewed a fast and furious car

  • Nick Harding
    November 11, 2020

    Next suggested video.. Fast and Furious S2000! I know I know… but it just made laugh.

  • Jefff
    November 13, 2020

    Well, the unmodified criteria would have ruled out my old 92 Nissan Sentra SE-R. I gave it to my nephew, actually sold it but he never paid me, and he had to use duct tape to hold the back fender on. it was laid to rest in a junk yard somewhere. Ya, Minnesota winters weren't kind.

  • Tim
    November 14, 2020

    I think you forgot to explain things like the Mercedes Benz limo van and the F650 that was modified into a pickup truck

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