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1995 Honda vs. 2020 Honda: 25 years of Accord and CR-V

Honda’s mid-90s heavy hitters are legendary, but do their modern counterparts deserve the same respect?

CNET is 25 this year. That got me thinking about other things that have survived the intervening years and come out looking pretty good here in 2020. Naturally, that led me to the Honda vehicles of the 1990s — part of what’s frequently described as the automaker’s golden age.

In the ’90s, Honda hit a near-perfect balance of cost, quality and performance (not to mention performance potential, but that’s a whole other article) that most car brands only dream of. There’s still a lot of these old Hondas on our roads, too, so longevity is also a big feather in the company’s cap.

What’s maybe even more impressive is that the vehicles that Honda is building today aren’t vastly different from the cars it made back then, despite changing tastes, changing regulations and increasing sizes and weights. To see the evidence of this, one only needs to look at the current Honda Accord and CR-V and compare them to their mid-1990s equivalents.
Sure, the current Accord has turbo power and a 10-speed automatic transmission, while the fifth-gen Accord could only muster four forward gears and a naturally aspirated inline four, but the character is still there. Ditto for the CR-V, which still offers the same value proposition now that it did when it was introduced — that is to say, it’s a compact SUV with room for a family inside that sips fuel and isn’t a bummer to drive.

Wrapping it back to CNET, Roadshow’s home, the online news giant was covering consumer technology in 1995 in a way that was easy to understand while also offering solid advice on new products. CNET is doing the same thing now, and Roadshow applies that same straightforward approach to transportation topics.

What will CNET and Honda look like in another 25 years? Who knows. I’ll be 60 years old and even grumpier than I am now, but I’m willing to bet CNET will still be a go-to source for culture stories, news and product reviews, just as Honda will be building, affordable, nicely packaged, good-driving cars. Here’s to the next two and a half decades.

Written By: Kyle Hyatt
Produced By: Evan Lee Miller

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  • optimus prime
    September 19, 2020

    Just got my first car about a week ago. 1998 honda accord ex.

  • B Vedant
    September 19, 2020

    My family had a '96 Accord back in the day and now a '17 CR-V. I've moved on to Mazda but they're still loyal

  • mygreatamericannovel
    September 19, 2020

    My first car was a 1996 Accord. I absolutely loved that thing. Not quite as bulletproof as my 2005, but definitely had a bit more character. 90s Hondas are legendary

  • Ken Harris
    September 19, 2020

    I have a 2018 Honda Accord EX for 2 years and not one issue. The new design is radical and sporty at the same time. The handling is excellent as well as the fuel economy. Honda still makes excellent vehicles!

  • Rakshith Bekal
    September 20, 2020

    the easy e bit info was unnecessary

  • Reggie Anderson
    September 20, 2020

    Dumb video

  • Jasper DiLincoln
    September 20, 2020

    Never been a Honda/Acura fan. When I was in Highschool in the late 90s I always liked the last generation Prelude. And the early 2000s the Acura CL second generation. I've heard over the years Honda/Acura has lost its reliability & quality luster. They aren't the same like they were back in the 80s&90s with Transmission issues etc, especially with many complaints about the Oddessy. But I do like some of their newer styles Acura TLX.

  • Shawn M. Kouri
    September 20, 2020

    You made a video on the 2021 Toyota Sienna. Can you post that video on in this YouTube channel

  • Bobby Linton
    September 20, 2020

    Do Toyota comparison next Camry and RAV4

  • Lark T
    September 20, 2020

    I had a 95… then a 2002 Accord V6 coupe.. both amazing cars

  • AnalogueKid2112
    September 20, 2020

    The 90s models were great cars, but they rusted out long ago in the Midwest

  • Jake Holtz
    September 20, 2020

    Wow, this vid 🧡

  • Space Wave
    September 21, 2020

    Breh you should have called me I owned a '96 Accord, and have a 2019 right now. V6 then Touring 2.0T now. I can compare and contrast them a few ways.

  • howtobebasic 2
    September 21, 2020

    i still see alot of 90's Toyota's and Honda's still on the road they built them like Tanks, they hardly ever break down i had a 95 accord i bought for 500 bucks, i beat the crap out of it and it still ran! i had that car for 5 years before it got stolen 🙁

  • I know you're right, but
    September 21, 2020

    5:58 you could've mentioned the price along with adjusted to inflation..!

  • Ray Emanuel
    September 21, 2020

    When I was a young 24 year old kid, I purchased a brand new 1987 Honda Civic DX hatchback with a 5 speed manual. 1.5 liter, 76 horsepower motor that was bulletproof. Paid $8999 for it brand new at Marin Honda in Corte Madera, CA. Kept it for 14 years and 241,000 miles, with not a single problem experienced during this time. The only thing that required expense was a new clutch at around 100,000 miles. Probably the best car I ever owned! I miss the 80's.

  • Jake Carter
    September 21, 2020

    The first car CNET on Cars did a video on was a 2005 Acura RL, Brian Cooley was so impressed, I remember the video like it was yesterday.

  • Anthony Huynh
    September 21, 2020

    i like 1995

  • Aaron Austrie
    September 21, 2020

    Great comparison vid 👍🏾

  • sandika wijaya aji
    September 22, 2020

    I like Accord'92 aka Maestro than Accord'95

  • pec1739
    September 22, 2020

    accord CD chassis H22A VTEC !

    September 22, 2020

    Had a 95 honda Accord coupe 5 speed, would take it over the 2020. I have a 2016 and I would it was the last good looking Accord in my opinion.

  • Mr Mok
    September 22, 2020

    I miss my forest green '94 EX Coupe. Was quick and sipped gas and looks arguable the best out of all of the accords. Anyone have a clean one for sale talk to me!

  • Index
    September 22, 2020

    cheap engineered FWD 4 banger grocery getters. Not much has changed.

  • JDB Power bank
    September 23, 2020

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  • Steve
    September 23, 2020

    Honda family since 83. All our family, extended and beyond. Countless Accords. The new Accord is awful. They ruined it. From the back it is one of the worse looking cars on the road, and the front is not much better. The rear quarter is too hard to even look at. It's a giant civic. I worked with Honda in the early 90's myself. I disagree with the video here, 1994 was not a well received car. The customers we had thought it was uglier than the previous generation. I have an uncle who's a salesman with Honda now. They can't give away the new Accord. Several grand off and nobody wants it. It drives well, but it is ugly. I respect they tried to keep the manual transmission, but it was doomed to fail with car having so many other appearance issues. Getting rid of the v6 to save a couple of mpg cheapened the car too. The V6 was smooth and high quality feel and sound. Getting rid of the coupe…was just sad.

  • Luis Claudio
    September 23, 2020

    New cars Very Big

  • Xander Murdock
    September 23, 2020

    These are both iconic designs

  • Zane314
    September 23, 2020

    should i get a 1st gen CRV guys

  • SDFcommander
    September 24, 2020

    Great job! I would love to see one on the 25 year evolution of the Civic.

  • zaishade
    September 25, 2020

    My first car was a 2000 Accord V6, and it was awesome. I now have a 2018 Accord 2.0T and I love it even more. If Honda ever releases it in AWD, it would be the ideal all-rounder sedan.

  • Ashley McCollum
    September 26, 2020

    Really cool informational video. Following the history to see where it is now great idea. Hope to see more like this. It really pulled me in!

  • cococly
    September 27, 2020

    I bought this 2018 Type-R brand new, its electronic system went haywire once (VSA, TSC, exhaust etc all showed disabled and kept beeping) the infotainment frozen twice while keep repeating the same beat of part of a song and couldnt be muted until i pulled over and switched off the car.
    Chassis cracked near the roof and the C pillar. (Common issue for all British Made Civics)

    This will be the last New Honda that I buy.

    And NONE of the new Hondas that you see in North American showrooms are made in Japan! Apart from the low-volume Clarity..most models were designed in CA, it shouldnt be considered a Japanese brand anymore

  • OuttaControl22
    September 27, 2020

    Accords have oil dilution issues with the 1.5t. If you want to smell oil and gas in your garage on car with less that 30k miles than the accord is for you

  • Acero Woodberry
    September 27, 2020

    I think that the first gen CRV still looks like a fun, versatile CUV. The new one, looks so bulky imo.

  • Passion & Reason
    September 27, 2020

    Why most Hondas have ugly rims?!!!

  • consuelamister lemon pledge
    September 28, 2020

    My first car was a 96 accord value package, it was the best car I've over owned. Never had a interior raddle and was super reliable!

  • Erik M.
    September 28, 2020

    The Civic has been around since 1972 and right now I own a 2020 Civic EX-L Hatchback, what I owned before was a 2012 Civic EX Coupe both Polished Metal Metallic but with different interior colors and upholstery, absolutely love both of them and probably never leaving the Honda family.

  • Kelly Rackham
    September 30, 2020

    I just bought a 2020 Honda Accord touring with the 2.0t and damn I love this car!!!

  • Abdalla Amin
    October 21, 2020

    if only they bring back the accord coup

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