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Top Gear by Dovpo

Top Gear by Dovpo

The latest DNA250C mod and flagship mod for @dovpo_official Love the the idea behind this mod and can appreciate all the CNC work that went into it. The top “gear” dual works great and is a nice take on adjusting the dna board. Mod feels great in the hand and dual 18650 will keep you going for quite a while. As much as I enjoy how this mod looks I cannot be positive about the finish. A large portion by the button has been filled in with black marker. Also there are some massive gouges on the bottom of the device. This mod is NOT cheap And with the QC check it should’ve never been shipped. I have been raving about Dovpo With their innovation and quality of products to come out recently. I’m shocked and bummed out that they would’ve let this happen. Anyways the overall mart is really slick and I do recommend it. Hopefully the QC will improve as they come out with new batches. Thanks



  • Foolmoon
    October 19, 2020

    Nice review brother keep up the good work.

  • BillW50
    October 20, 2020

    I got mine from MyVPro. They are shorter than the Centaurus and seems to be machined better. I really like the battery door and it seems really solid and opens and closes really easy. The door is similar to the Odin mods. Adjusting by the top gear requires two fingers since it is stiff, yet clicky. It would have nice I think to be able to use it with one finger. Mine has a ding on the front panel on the left wrap around on the top. Like it was dropped before being assembled.

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