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Top Gear S03E04 The Lambos


  • Ketil Lund Sørensen
    December 26, 2020

    Alfa Romeo Tipo 33
    Alfa 8C 2900B 1937
    Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
    Mercedes SL Gullwing
    Think they are better options on the moster beautiful cars

  • me my
    December 27, 2020

    Very badly edited! Why on earth 2ould you keep the idiotic ibterview in it and cut out the car reviews? The ither thibg is, I find it soeciqlly disgusting that you steal someone else's content and put shit loads of ads in it. Thumbs downs

  • Adobe Reviews
    December 27, 2020

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  • Blade III
    December 27, 2020

    7:02 the answer to that question was people getting annoying from the sonic booms the jet was making

  • 288 GTO
    December 27, 2020

    As great as the Miura is , it wasnt the „first supercar“. That would be the Ferrari 250 LM

  • Jericho Yagin
    December 28, 2020

    It’s a rover

  • Francisco Yescas
    December 29, 2020

    That thumbnail looks as if George Clooney and Will Ferrell had a baby.

  • Adobe Reviews
    December 31, 2020

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    January 1, 2021

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  • Clash with Simon
    January 1, 2021

    That miura could have my kids 😍🤤

  • Tuukkis
    January 2, 2021

    These intros are different from the TV ones. Where are these from?

  • DroughtMouth
    January 2, 2021

    "oh no, do not tell me that's a lady boi" I'm fuckin dying 😂😂😂

  • Steve McVay
    January 2, 2021

    At 21:40 I hate when people say it’s hot in here but have a jacket on…. take the jacket off and then if you’re still hot you can’t bitch a bit…. if you’re wearing something to keep you warm don’t bitch about you’re clothing doing what it’s suppose to do!!!!!

  • richboy900
    January 2, 2021

    Wasn't the countachs main rival the testerossa rather than the boxer

  • ce sneaks
    January 3, 2021

    The enchanted territory pharmacokinetically escape because c-clamp meteorologically laugh until a towering editor. horrible, cold discussion

  • Tripp Rogers
    January 4, 2021

    OisinTymon must have edited this one..

  • Arcot Sai Anirudh
    January 4, 2021

    I didn't understand that Lambo comparision with Ferrari. What the hell is that ?

  • sofiaa1983
    January 4, 2021

    Hey i think the full top gear episodes channel has been deleted 😁

  • Iliana Hahn
    January 4, 2021

    The giant suede virtually balance because dorothy subjectively attach until a animated accordion. possible, ubiquitous mother-in-law

  • Coeus Darksoul
    January 5, 2021

    Can I just get a perfect loop of 4:004:08 plz? 😀 I think I need to change my pants…

  • Sukhdev R34
    January 5, 2021

    How rare is that DB7 Zagato? It's a very interesting design.

  • Sukhdev R34
    January 5, 2021

    Anyone else think the original Gallardo has aged terribly?

  • Andrew Geier
    January 6, 2021

    Implying the Gallardo doesn't understeer at all… Oh, Jeremy, it does.

    I am a track day instructor, my boss has a Gallardo and it's actually not too bad on track. I definitely like the sound of the throttle bodies opening on the V10 when you step on it. The Gallardo isn't bad and soulless at all. It's far, far more fun on track than the R35 GT-R Nissan, even though I guess the R35 GT-R might have more grip. If you can't drive, get the R35. If you're a professional racing driver, get the 911. If you're somewhere in the middle, and you want to impress the ladies, you get the Gallardo

  • Rotterdammer 1908
    January 6, 2021

    Was expecting a full line up of Lambo"s from the muira up to the murcialago, but then they jump from the countach tot the gallardo and only show they murcialago in the studio…

  • Galactico 999
    January 6, 2021

    Its not michael rosen its actually richard hammond who created the meme

  • Justin Breen
    January 7, 2021

    Lamborghini, make this exact car with new age tech, sell every one at any price you want

  • The1Stefan
    January 9, 2021

    Haha they left Jay Kay smoking in the final edit in his Lambo

  • jakamneziak
    January 10, 2021

    What music is at 1.39 please?

  • alphatrion100
    January 11, 2021

    Lambos still catch fire

  • Lord _ Scrubington
    January 11, 2021

    it is a rover.

  • Hannah Miyamoto
    January 12, 2021

    By the way, there is no U.S. Meteorological Service. It's the National Weather Service.

  • Hannah Miyamoto
    January 12, 2021

    Rolls have great names. "Silver Ghost" is a great name.

  • Daniel Clark
    January 14, 2021

    oh jeez the concorde references didnt age well

  • Yash Raj
    January 16, 2021

    That unknown rockstar just ruined the film ?

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