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Skoda Octavia vRS review – better than a Golf GTI?

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Introducing the all-new Skoda Octavia vRS!

So, what will you find in the vRS that you don’t get with the normal Octavia? Well under the bonnet, you’ll have a choice of petrol, diesel or hybrid engines. We’ve got the petrol here, which is a 2-litre turbo petrol that can produce 245hp & 370Nm.

As for design upgrades, you’ll find redesigned & sportier bumpers at the front and back, as well as an updated grille. Whilst inside, you’ll find a number of upgrades, from sports seats through to alcantara on the dash. And of course, don’t forget masses of red stitching throughout! After all, red means sporty, of course.

So, it all sounds pretty good, right? But is it enough to tempt you away from the all-new VW Golf GTI? It may be slightly cheaper than the GTI, but is that enough? You’ll have to stick with Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!

00:00 Intro
00:38 Price
01:07 Exterior Design
02:30 Interior
03:54 Back Seats
04:35 Boot
05:04 Five Annoying Things
06:23 Five Cool Things
07:11 Engines
08:44 0 – 60mph
10:36 Twisty Road Driving
12:25 Town Driving
13:53 Motorway Driving
15:19 Verdict

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  • Jurij Gagarin
    December 4, 2020

    Shitty wheels🤦‍♂️

  • Buddhima Sandakelum
    December 4, 2020

    Skoda sucks

  • Tom Jones
    December 4, 2020

    I just don’t get these cars. Why would you buy one!? An AWD Mazda 6 MPS from 2005-2006 shits all over them, for a quarter of the price. A “performance” car of that size with 245HP in 2020 is comical and at £31,500, if you’re not worried about performance, you can get a decent German. Maybe I’m missing something🤷‍♂️

  • Michal Krotký
    December 4, 2020

    This is very good test and i from the czech republic 😂😂😂

  • G Smith
    December 4, 2020

    Stop doing the fake configuring a deal, it's cringey! 🤣

  • temez_FI _
    December 4, 2020

    ESP can't be completely switched off, only TCS? Rubbish.

  • Radu O.
    December 4, 2020

    Damn the sound of this car disappointed me…

  • Sajj
    December 4, 2020

    Czech here. Actually it is not pronounced Skoda but Shkoda, because the original name is Škoda, where Š is read like Sh.

  • Raytrite Raytrite
    December 4, 2020

    Stop making new videos im literally tring to revise in school. God… so distracting 😅

  • Thrivikram Car enthusiast
    December 4, 2020

    It looks like a sedan though

  • Adrián Cobas
    December 4, 2020

    Its definitely better! Even if it wasnt😂 The face of the golf is just terrible.

  • Роман Сион
    December 4, 2020


  • Bonzo
    December 4, 2020

    Czech Audi A3

  • nir 731
    December 4, 2020

    ahh yes one of my dream cars! this video is awesome

  • carwow
    December 4, 2020

    We're quite liking the new Octavia vRS, but what do you think – would you choose it over the VW Golf GTI or Ford Focus ST? VOTE with a LIKE in the comments we've posted below!

  • DeDe Jr
    December 4, 2020

    You need to do 100-200 times to see real performance

  • Bragadeesh Balakrishnan
    December 4, 2020

    First like dude

  • GKGameplay CZ
    December 4, 2020

    This car isn't really trying to beat the Golf GTI or the Civic type R – it is built as a more practical alternative – massive boot even on the liftback

  • Dale Steel
    December 4, 2020


  • Shyam Chander
    December 4, 2020

    To me it looks like a sedan more than a hatchback 🤔

  • wass de craic
    December 4, 2020

    i love the design of it

  • Chris Abbott
    December 4, 2020

    The Octavia seems to have a nicer interior than the new Golf or the A3. But embarrassing for VAG.

  • Jonny E
    December 4, 2020

    9:03 now that sounds like a vacuum cleaner

  • Bill Youlis
    December 4, 2020

    Australia has no manuals!!!! Does anyone here know how to get one here??

  • Dyslexic Lives Mattress
    December 4, 2020

    Taxi everywhere drivers will love it! And how pissed would VAG be if the brand they deliberately pitch lower than VW gets a better rating 😆
    Anyway more importantly, the only two sentences I can say in Czech are…How much for both of you? And how fast is your Skoda??

  • Raczek Nieboraczek
    December 4, 2020

    Its RS not VRS V in the logo is just a design
    There was one og skoda that was called VRS
    Learn your job Damn Mat

  • iDS Tech
    December 4, 2020

    New utuber here 😉

  • Shravan Shivakumar
    December 4, 2020

    In India we get old Octavia VRS which is personally speaking more cooler with dual headlight

  • Wimex
    December 4, 2020

    As a Czech, this is car is nice and everything, but quite underwhelming for its price (the car is actually more expensive in the Czech Rep than in the UK). They easily could have made it more powerful (even a fricking Yaris has more hp), also the fake V6 sound in the ''sport'' mode is horrendous.

  • Bumba Clat
    December 4, 2020

    It’s ugly from the front

  • Glenn Micheal
    December 4, 2020

    HERE it costs 58,900 pounds converted to our price

  • The Brain Dead
    December 4, 2020

    in that price range the quality of the interior materials are good enough.

  • Matt Liston
    December 4, 2020

    7.1 seconds to 60? That's fairly shit, to be fair. I've seen Yianni go faster than that on foot when the ice cream van passed him.

    December 4, 2020

    When are you going to review the cupra leon or fortmentor?

  • Matthew Goodwin
    December 4, 2020

    How are more powerful cars getting slower?! My 56 plate megane 225 Cup (stage 1 remap) used to do 5.9 to 60.

  • vibin Zeltrax
    December 4, 2020

    Audi at its 50% price

  • Pravin Patel
    December 4, 2020

    Can you Kia seltos Review ?

  • Victor Curca
    December 4, 2020

    I not even like Skoda,I'm hear just because of Mat

  • Andy Nischen
    December 4, 2020

    Just the blue is nice….😂👌…no tanks

  • Maverick 41
    December 4, 2020

    Sounds like Heath ledger farting after he went up a mountain with another cowboy

  • EarthWorm Sally
    December 4, 2020

    Love Skoda think it is way better then the gold.

  • Marko Radovic
    December 4, 2020

    Mat you haven't seen Serbian roads , they are so much worse than British roads .

  • Abhinav VS
    December 4, 2020

    Iam a bit confused. Is it a hot hatch or a sporty sedan?

  • umair qureshi
    December 4, 2020

    Is got a Octavia

  • david reynolds
    December 4, 2020

    You know something isnt right when a skoda front end looks more like a bmw than a bmw does

  • Carswith_K
    December 4, 2020

    "A boob job"??😂😂

  • salih dede
    December 4, 2020

    Mat you can take the parcel shelf and slide it on the back of the rear seats. The plastic that normally holds the shelf can also be used so slide it there. Simply Clever 😁

  • Rob Booth Automotive
    December 4, 2020

    Absolute throwback of a Mat Watson car review location

  • Joshua Ting
    December 4, 2020

    Mat when deciding to go out with a girl:
    Should I….
    Avoid it?
    Consider it?
    Shortlist it?
    OR just go right ahead and BUY IT?

  • Liam Sheridan
    December 4, 2020

    Even my diesel focus spins in second and third in these conditions and it has half the power of this

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