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Watch Acura reveal the all-new MDX live

The new 2022 MDX couldn’t be more important to the Acura’s success, and from what we’ve seen so far, it looks like a win.

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  • Chadimous
    December 8, 2020

    All new?
    All these crossovers look the same now.
    I can’t tell any of them apart.
    At least Acura got rid of that stupid bird beak, but they kept the alphanumeric names.

    I miss the Legend and the Integra.
    The Integra was a status symbol when I was growing up.

    Now with all these names like, RDX, CTS, GLS, TSX, RXQ? No one can tell a Cadillac from a Mercedes on paper anymore. It’s like a slot machine spin, rather than a model designation!
    Bring back the damn names!!!!!!

  • Ivan Vojt
    December 8, 2020

    Did Acura fix all of the problems with the MDX. I see the Lexus ripoff infotainment controls.

  • Pedro Sanches
    December 8, 2020

    Replace the ICE with an electric engine and then you are on the right track, otherwise its just another antique!!!

  • Tully3674
    December 8, 2020

    Historically, Acura has problems with the electronics of newly released vehicles. That's the concern I would have when buying an Acura during its first model year. They usually get the bugs out during that time. I'd be a 2nd year buyer.

  • ooks telarGras
    December 8, 2020

    Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • Woke AF
    December 8, 2020

    Not gonna win any beauty contests…..

  • reg
    December 8, 2020

    no third row ac vents 👍🏻 guess acura focused on the infotainment

  • Steve Rose
    December 8, 2020

    lets throw all this tech at the vehicle and yet the powertrain is still a dinosaur that nobody should want. If you haven't driven an electric vehicle then you should and you will never look back

  • carboncitizens
    December 8, 2020

    We release Copyright Free Music every Sunday & Wednesday for all content creators!

    December 8, 2020

    FYI- head to the Acura channel for a smoother video. Thanks for trying to bring the stream to us though, Roadshow.

  • 991 carrera s
    December 8, 2020

    Just another big boring suv. Whats the deal with acura puttin that big barbeque nob in the center dash on every new vehicle.

  • Dennis Doroslovac
    December 8, 2020

    The exterior design looks a lot like the Mazda CX-9

  • Adil Bots
    December 9, 2020

    Please dont tell me the acura tsx sedan is only gonna have 355 hp was expecting more fingers crossed for 400. I know the mdx horsepower from 2020 base stayed the same compared to this years 290 no difference. I just want the tlx to be worth the money I saved for it instead of going for the germans.

  • Alpha Beta
    December 9, 2020

    Long dash:axle..

    ..still NOT RWD based lol.

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