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The BMW 750iL Was BMW's V12 Flagship Luxury Sedan From 30 Years Ago


The E32 BMW 750iL was BMW’s flagship luxury sedan from 30 years ago — and it was the first V12-powered luxury sedan in this segment. Today I’m reviewing the 750iL, and I’m going to show you all the quirks and features of a special BMW luxury sedan — then I’m going to drive the 750iL and review the BMW 750iL driving experience.


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  • Dimitri 91
    January 8, 2021

    The last boy scout lol

  • Necrodead
    January 8, 2021

    probably COINs is what the Germans thought, people used to use coins, Doug.

  • Matthew Orlowski
    January 8, 2021

    "30 years ago"
    you WHAT

  • Ruben vS
    January 8, 2021

    200 miles an hour !!??

  • Mihai Emilian
    January 8, 2021

    what is dripping from underneath the car at 19:25?

  • Vaklin Petkov
    January 8, 2021

    love the oil leak beneath the car

  • Alex K.
    January 8, 2021

    The first German post-WWII V12 production car.

  • Dillan Mistry
    January 8, 2021

    Back when v12 were actually v12s

  • henry shu
    January 8, 2021

    I would kill for a E32 750 with manual transmission

  • gregermic87
    January 8, 2021

    I would believe, that the e32 was introduced with the 735i which was a V8☺️

  • John Ghaly
    January 8, 2021

    Thank you Doug de muro

  • BigBlackDuck
    January 8, 2021

    Those 3 slots are for change for toll booths. They're separated so you can have different value of change in each or different currency which is handy in Europe. Surprising you out of all people have not figured that out 😀

  • USSEntrprise
    January 8, 2021

    the seatbelt buckle was made "reversed" so you wouldnt have that "could you move for a sec" situation.

  • DG
    January 8, 2021

    My old 5 series had those same wheels, or at least they look very similar. They should be made by BBS. They were also on the e28 M5 as stock option. TBH they looked much better on the e28 as it's a bit smaller car and don't look so ridiculous.

  • Ong Tze Honn
    January 8, 2021

    What i see though the badge is bmw Z50 LL

    January 8, 2021

    OCD alarm went crazy when i saw that cigarette on the lighter turned up side down :))) Like who noticed it too

  • josefbuckland
    January 8, 2021

    Shame about the leakage under the front Even if its just from the A/C let it dry off a bit push it forward a few meters and away we go but otherwise cool cool

  • KingProne
    January 8, 2021

    7:24 S probably stands for scheibenwischer?

  • Andre Wißmann
    January 8, 2021

    One Thing to distinguish the V12 Model was, that the BMW-Kidney in the Grill was wider than the ones on the Straight-6 Models.
    By the way, BMW made ecxellent Staright-6 Engines, and their sound was kind of a Signature for BMW. Making a V8 or something else would not have been very BMW-like back in the days.
    Some hardcore BMW-fans complained a lot, as the startet to Produce anything else than the Straight-6 engines.

  • starsareblind
    January 8, 2021

    Doug: The e32 7 series was the first mainstream luxury car to offer a V12 engine
    Jaguar XJ12: Am I a joke to you?

  • 19:22 – oil leaking

    Ah…. BMW

  • Tim
    January 8, 2021

    Jaguar had offered a V12 since the E-type, and I'd argue all the 80's XJ V12's were more luxurious than anything BMW had. This car started the V12 trend for the Germans but they were still playing drivetrain catchup to Jag and Rolls in the luxury segment.

  • Sabroe
    January 8, 2021

    The rear left cap for the wheel nuts is slightly offset and i cannot unsee it…

  • panic100973
    January 8, 2021

    If I recall, the "Intense wash" uses a second fluid reservoir to put concentrate in it.

  • Robert Czimmerman
    January 8, 2021

    19:25 oil leaking, yes, its a true BMW

  • Toto X
    January 8, 2021

    11:30 is going to be iconic in youtube poops

  • Erwin Rommel
    January 8, 2021

    German Car with build in Japanese phone.
    Coincidence? I think not

  • casper aalders
    January 8, 2021

    my moms friend drives one of these, its in excellent condition, it sadly only has an I6 tho

  • Charles Bunnell
    January 8, 2021

    Just a thought but regarding the car phone and the lable for "writing phone numbers" but maybe, since it's numbered it's actually for writing the names if people/businesses that you stored as "presets"/quick dial numbers into the car phone. Back in the 80s, sone phones included a feature where you had say ten (or sometimes less) memory positions where you could store commonly dialed phone numbers with each positions being assigned a two digit number. To dial one of the stored numbers you simply entered the quick dial two digit code or in some cases pressed the one of several memory buttons. Some car phones also supported this feature too and it appears this BMW car phone does too given the numbered list lable provided. Thus you don't write the phone numbers on this list but the names of the people/businesses you have stored on the phones quick dial memory. To dial one of these you'd just refer to the list then enter the associated two digit code to quick dial the number without any need to remember it.

    These days of course we have digital address books built into our phones so no need to use codes, just look the number up by name or use Siri/Google assistant to dial it for you. 🚗📞🚘☎️📱

  • rolando quintana
    January 8, 2021

    the birds chirping in the background of the vid are so soothing … thank u daddy doug

  • LGK
    January 8, 2021

    the e when you shift in automatic is for ''economy'' mode, since it shifts earlier than m.

  • SergeantScopez
    January 8, 2021

    u gotta rev the cars up and give us sound checks

  • disgruntledfaerie
    January 8, 2021

    "No matter how much I sweat, no matter how much I toil
    I'll never be able to afford a 750il"

  • kosti narain
    January 8, 2021

    Wheels used to be really small back in the day LOL even the countach had 15's

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