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The Cadillac of FLYING CARS

This is GM’s first aero-mobility concept and it sheds light on the automaker’s future-transportation visions.

Written & Presented by Craig Cole
Produced by Marc Ganley

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  • D R
    January 14, 2021


  • Fento L
    January 14, 2021

    cgi like nikola

  • zero11010
    January 14, 2021

    A helicopter isn’t already a flying car, right? Nothing about it makes it a car.

  • Jarod Forsythe
    January 14, 2021

    Um.. have they never heard of helicopters?

  • Rick James
    January 14, 2021

    lol i cant ride cgi. And those arent cars. They cant also drive so they are not cars.

  • Bing Chen
    January 14, 2021

    GM flying cars IS ONLY A CONCEPT as well as PIPE DREAMS.

  • David McCarthy
    January 14, 2021

    Unless interns worked on this, it was a total waste of money better spent on real EV development.

  • Antenox
    January 14, 2021

    A Blackwing version would probably have….black wings….

  • Michael Mcmillon
    January 14, 2021

    Would not try anything that flies that comes out the GM plant unless I’m on a glory mission.

  • reymond lopez
    January 14, 2021

    Calling something “the Cadillac of…” is not as prestigious as they think.

  • SevenDeMagnus
    January 14, 2021


  • Aaron Cox
    January 14, 2021

    We I don't believe it I'm sorry

  • Tea Sea
    January 14, 2021

    We need mass transit thinking, otherwise it’s just an inefficient rich people’s carriage.

  • Terry Dixon
    January 14, 2021

    Comments coming from other manufacturers fanboys who hate their brand haven't anything like this projected as a concept.

  • sjo q
    January 14, 2021

    Cadillac flying car? I wouldn't want to even be in a Cadillac running car.

  • Yanano Bere
    January 14, 2021

    NOISY, wasteful and completely impractical. We have so much potential for ingenuity but we're not focusing on our needs as society

  • brijesh mori
    January 14, 2021


  • Jay R. aka. Just Pelé
    January 14, 2021

    How is this a car?

  • The Real Cigar Jefe
    January 14, 2021

    This is not real.

  • Peter Evans
    January 14, 2021

    FAILS the smell test for any first year engineering student. One rotor failure and it crashes immediately. Must have a minimum of five rotors. Anything else about it is irrelevant if it fails to have any backup whatsoever.

  • Kevin
    January 14, 2021

    GM: hmm..we can't build rockets to compete with Elon Musk in the air, lets build a special looking helicopter to make us look like we are innovating.

  • Ulti Doo
    January 14, 2021

    Looks like a gaint drone not car.

  • D W
    January 14, 2021

    Craig Cole of C/Net looks like a younger version of the a Cadillac announcer

  • Carlo Marcelino
    January 14, 2021


  • Andres Borges
    January 14, 2021

    What happens during a mid-air malfunction? I die and take out anyone else beneath me? Last thing I want is Cadillac reliability in mid air over a populated area.

  • Alexei Yukna
    January 14, 2021

    Getting folks to pony up $10-12k for ground school/air training to fly one will be interesting.

  • Kevin Di Mauro
    January 14, 2021

    It’s a brave new world

  • Merica First
    January 14, 2021

    Make sure you figure out those "CV axles" you kooky kids! On 2nd thought Caddy, how about perfecting automobiles, before you ATTEMPT airplanes?🤭
    P.S. My Eldorado transmission is out again!

  • john thompson
    January 14, 2021

    I'm sure thousands of those flying around everywhere will be perfectly fine…no problems. 🙄

  • C A
    January 14, 2021

    Where are the vertical lights??? No dice!

  • FunkyDaddeh
    January 15, 2021

    Just make a jetpack

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