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BMW M5 1000hp v £1.15M Rallycross Racers: RACE…and EXPLOSION!

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Evolve’s BMW M5 is BACK, and it’s going up against three rallycross superstars!

We’ve all seen what this incredible M5 can do, with its tuned 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 able to produce 1000hp! As for the rallycars? Well, none of them can match the power of the M5, with the lead competitor being the MINI with a 2-litre turbocharged petrol engine that can put down 600hp & 1,000Nm!

However, the M5 has one major disadvantage compared to the competition… It weighs in at 2 tonnes, while all three rallycross cars come in at just 1,300kg!

So what do you think – is the M5 now the underdog?! Mat & Yianni have joined forces to see if they can take down these superstars, and all we know is, this race isn’t to be missed!!


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  • Swapnil Mondal
    January 23, 2021

    Turbo: Gone
    Hotel: Trivago

  • Lance Vance Dance
    January 23, 2021

    One of the best videos on Carwow. Matt really is the face of Carwow. Carow without Matt will fall like TopGear without Jeremy and the rest. Yianni is a great addition to Carwow. All of us think the duo works really well

  • F for the Ford

  • DamTan
    January 23, 2021

    This looks so much fun for both Mat and Yiani

  • Xusia Xod
    January 23, 2021

    00:20 Not only does Yanni look like Mutley from Wacky Races, he sounds like him too…

  • Nouman hassan
    January 23, 2021

    You guys must have your own show. Amazing duo

  • Thato Ngobeni
    January 23, 2021

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏽my gawd that’s a great race 🥵👌🏽

  • hthomas2109
    January 23, 2021

    The drag race had me on off my seat. Best one hands down

  • Nouman hassan
    January 23, 2021

    Bring on with you Ashley

  • GamingJamesGames
    January 23, 2021

    I've never seen Matt and Yanni so happy with each other.

  • ishirry yh
    January 23, 2021

    We all know that we loved it for this Bromance

  • Kvalfors
    January 23, 2021

    Mat could you do a dragrace between 2 of the same car but one of them with 5 passengers, see the difference in weight it makes

  • That'sAllen!
    January 23, 2021

    I like the part where they say bri'ish

    January 23, 2021

    Carwow race and explosion….
    Narrated by : Romain Grosjean

  • NikesZ28
    January 23, 2021

    Nice! 🙂
    Gonna be able to find some touring cars next!? 😉

  • Alipshan Hussain
    January 23, 2021

    It's mat bro a professional driver

  • DAZ
    January 23, 2021

    What a line up, Liked before I even watched it. Saturday just got better thanks 🙏

  • PAKA757
    January 23, 2021

    Love to see Matt and Yianni wining together 😂

  • Fabian Tomlinson
    January 23, 2021

    Hey Matt. We still waiting on a drag race between you and Yianni 100m dash😁😅

  • uptheduffagain
    January 23, 2021

    Are Evolve paying Carwow to be mentioned/featured all the time?

  • Otto Xajalia
    January 23, 2021


  • Prof.Dr.Diagnose _
    January 23, 2021

    That was one of the best races and definitely the best sounding race on carwow, thanks Mat…

  • Carter Barnhardt
    January 23, 2021

    take the stupid masks off!

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