Electric SUVs compared! 2022 Chevy Bolt vs. Mustang Mach-E

The most expensive Bolt EUV is close in price to the base Mustang Mach-E. Find out how they compare in this data-driven video.Written & Presented by Emme Hall Produced by Marc Ganley► Subscribe & hit the 🔔 for more Roadshow videosVisit us online at http://www.TheRoadshow.com Twitter @Roadshow : https://www.twitter.com/Roadshow IG @RoadshowAutos : https://www.instagram.com/RoadshowAutos Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RoadshowAutos/Don’t miss our next video! Hit the 🔔#Chevy #Bolt #EUV______ O19STACK


  1. Personally I think Chevy missed the mark by not offering all wheel drive. Other than that I like it.

  2. You should compare EUV to a higher trim that adds $7,500 because the Mach-e benefits from the federal tax credit.

  3. Why was the $7500 federal tax credit for the Mach-E not mentioned?

  4. Bolt EUV Launch Edition has a sunroof, the Select trim of the Mach-E does not. Point to the Bolt EUV.

  5. 2:06 remember there's also a weight advantage for the bolt here. Because it has a smaller battery, and uses less KWh per mile, its easier for the bolt gain miles at a charger. Simply because the charger needs to shove in fewer electrons per mile. moral of the story, the more car you have (weight and battery wise) the longer you will be at that charger, so make sure to only buy the minimum car you need. which is good buying advice in general.

  6. This is either a sloppy analysis or paid by Chevy. Not the best work.

  7. GM is going to have to keep the prices down to compete on price with the Mach-E. Ford still has the $7500 federal tax credit, GM has used up their credits.

  8. One thing to keep in mind is that you can get a lot more insentives and federal state credits on the mach-e which can lower the cost by up to 11k in certain states. Chevy used up all their credits already

  9. I've sold both Bolts and now a Mach-E. Let me tell you. That Mach-E has a sprinkle of magic in it's suspension and chassis tuning. It turns heads at a rate that rivals the C8. It's a MUCH better driving experience and it has better range and performance even in select trim. And taking the FTC into consideration it's MUCH cheaper than a premium Bolt. It's a no brainer.

  10. Two useless ugly vehicles being compared for all us enthusiasts who would literally never consider either.

  11. Mustang is too pretty. Chevy hideous looking

  12. Honestly acceleration, top speed, off-road capability, features, colors, and options (at least) should've been added to that comparison … I guess the Mustang would've won!

  13. Really you guys are becoming a joke

  14. I would probably opt for the new Bolt, not the EUV version.

  15. I would chose the Mach-E (with an inappropriate name) over a “crossover” that looks similar to a Prius with a taller roof.

    Also, poorly executed comparison – sorry Road Show.

  16. Kind of a big mistake on GM, don't you think? The EUV should be a Buick or a GMC. Making it and the regular Bolt a Chevy, means no credits, right. That is one reason Ford turned Mustang into a Brand. I'd take the Mach-EX myself.

  17. Well they look like heaven (Mach-E) and earth (Bolt?) to me…

  18. Hands free driving coming to Mach e soon!

  19. Only 2% of the a market the Tesla y is 70k yikes

  20. Wake me up when any of these junks have FSD. These are outdated before even they hit the market. Get serious.

  21. I wonder if anyone who bought a Mach E has had the presence of mind to get a personalized license plate reading "AVELLI"

  22. I like the Mach E but I wish it didn’t look so much like a wagon. Definitely not enough ground clearance for potholes which aren’t everywhere but something to consider

  23. Hello from 2006….what da heck, we're comparing a Mustang to a Golf Cart, and the Mustang is 4 doors, and its electric tooooo?!

    2021: yes, but trust us, it's a brave, more fun, and more responsible world…but You may want to avoid 2008 and 2020 on the way here.

  24. This is a terrible comparison

  25. Practically, the Bolt is way better. But the mach-e is just too good looking to pass up.

  26. The Mach E wins for me just by including AWD

  27. The Bolt EUV will be much cheaper to purchase at any trim level

  28. It’s a mistake for chevy not to offer a frunk. They’ve spent so much money on EVs already why they insist on using the old engine bay tech in their EVs is ridiculous…

  29. A rather nonsensical comparison given all the stats for the Volt is, merely claims by GM so until these numbers are verified by real-world driving the Mach-E beats the fussy-looking feeble offering from GM.

  30. I'm not feeling the Bolt even if it were $25K. Not the worst out there either way.

  31. The mustang is much better not even comparable 🤔 ford for the win!!!🙂

  32. Get these 2 for 43… Or the tesla model y long range at 41 with specs that blows them outta the water

  33. You all realize the Model Y that you are referring to for JUST a little more is no longer available to order as of 02/20/21 right? It was taken off the site. So Mustang and EUV now blow the Model Y out of the water.

  34. The Mach E is better if you're willing to spend an additional $5-$10K, but the $43K price point, the Bolt is. Average new car transaction price is $40K, so the MachE-E is price out of most people's affordability.

  35. i thought the chevy was going to be able for 34 dls not 43dls

  36. A super cruise like feature is coming to the Ford soon. The Mach e won for sure

  37. Since the Mach-E is eligible for the full federal tax credit, it may have been more accurate to compare the Bolt to the Mach-E California edition.

  38. Ford still qualifies for 7500 dollar federal tax credit. Chevy does not.

  39. I think the Mach E still. I'm tall, Plus I have got on the Ford band wagon 15 years ago, after being strictly a Chevy guy…. Plus this would be for my wife. I have a big truck for towing the RV. I keep an open mind. The best tool for the job.

  40. This was a terrible review and or comparison, even before the annoyingness of the narrator. Many of the points literally make no real world difference. Which car is faster, which car has the nicer interior, which one handles the best, which one has the best ride, which one has the nicest amenities, which car is easiest to live with? This reminds me of a high school student that doesn't read the book and write a paper only using cliff's notes.

  41. As a bolt owner I would have to go with the Chevy bolt euv

  42. Ford still has the tax credit

  43. Bad comparison. Thanks for not comparing Porche Taycan with Bolt. With your list it would have easily lost.

  44. Man, I thought the Model Y was ugly. That Ford is gross.

  45. Not a chance in hell I would cross shop them if I were in the market for an electric car/suv. Mustang would win easily, and no I wouldn't buy the base model.

  46. The Bolt EUV will sell like hotcakes.

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