The all-new ID.4 | 100% SUV 100% electric | Volkswagen Way To Zero

The next generation finds their own path: all-electric, all the way. On our way to carbon-neutral mobility for all.The all-new ID.4 100% SUV 100% electricFind out more at: see all the latest videos, subscribe to the Volkswagen YouTube Channel: Volkswagen on Social Media: Facebook: Instagram:


  1. Gotta go unreliable


  3. 0:14 Wie der Junge auf dem Stuhl guckt ahahahaha das ist wahrscheinlich heimlicher VW Hater

  4. 0:15 he was just looking at a electric girl

    but it was just special effects so he just looked at the girl waving her hands :0 lol

  5. Electric car are not eco

  6. Electric cars makes so much fun!

  7. Ohh look how cute electric girl❤️❤️❤️

  8. You have to partner with Xiaomi
    You electronics screens…are not good

  9. all EV ads are kinda TESLA ads!!!

  10. The T-Roc and Tiguan are beauties. This one is ugly and very small 🙁 …

  11. Is this an April Fools joke or is it just that bad?

  12. Nice music. Does someone knows the title ?

  13. The reason why Ford is going to fail = I think they said they wouldn't make a sedan because they're tall… Ferrari>All brands>Ford

  14. Certainly, in automobiles, Italy, Germany and Japan are the leaders. Fashion is France and Italy. The United States is IT. It is difficult to expect design from the United States. It is difficult to do well in the United States. The fact that Ford does not make a sedan is that Americans are taller. Because of the size. Everyone wants a sedan

  15. Richtig gut 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  16. Cars are designed well in Italy, and the US is not trending, so let's make a sedan

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