The Ferrari SF90 Is a 1,000-Horsepower $700,000 Flagship Supercar

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS! https://carsandbids.comCHECK OUT FERRARI COLLECTOR DAVID LEE ON YOUTUBE! SF90 Stradale review! The SF90 is Ferrari’s newest flagship supercar, with 1,000 horsepower and a price tag of more than $650,000. The SF90 is a very special car, and today I’m reviewing the SF90 and I’ll show you all the quirks and features of the SF90 Stradale. I’ll also drive the SF90 Stradale and I’m going to show you what it’s like on the road.WEBSITE & MERCH! http://www.dougdemuro.comFOLLOW ME! Twitter – Instagram – Facebook – CHART:


  1. It may be worth 700.000$ but will it depreciate!?

  2. A person who buys this car is rich that means old that's means tTOOOMANY SCREEENS AAAahh

  3. Drinking game. Take a shot every time Doug says the word “Screen”

  4. 10 years down the road this car will be remembered as that time when Ferrari went nuts with "technology"

  5. Imagine paying 700,000 and getting Windows Vista level computing performance

  6. This one. Same Color. Will Be Mine

  7. 0:01 Is there any chance of doug demuro having elocution lessons in order to stop doug demuro from pronouncing 2021 as “two thousand twenty-one” and start pronouncing 2021 as “twenty-twenty-one” instead?

  8. automakers have no foresight. all these screens are going to be garbage and look like pong in 10-20 years.

  9. Let's face it, the car looks awful, especially the front. Bring back Pininfarina!

  10. New drinking game: Take a sip every time Doug says screen.

  11. Drinking game:
    Drink a shot everytime doug says „screen“ or „screens“

  12. & a woman would say , low isn't it . Not very easy to to get in or out of , uncomfortable ( hard suspension ) , that and not knowing it's cost or atonishing performance . That and not being able to do her lippy in the passenger mirror .

  13. I'm aware that styling usually grows on people after seeing a vehicle for some time. However this thing looks like Ferrari just grabbed parts from a bin at auto zone, then put a pointy shell on it, tok a stab at the price like🤷‍♂️ meh….700,000.00

  14. 31:08 look at dudes eyes on the left my man got a little nervous there👀😂

  15. If one were to take a shot for every time Doug said the word screen…. oh boy

  16. Is $700,000 cheap for a car with 1,000 Horsepower?
    Aren't most hypercars over a Million Dollars?

  17. Is screen doug's word of the day?


  19. Absolutely stunning, but all of the screens really ruin the elegant feel that Ferrari usually has. Those screens will look very dated in a few years and I wonder how they will hold their value in the future because of that. Great review man, as usual! Love that David has some old school, what looks like, Paul Smart Ducati's in the background!

  20. Guys wear no masks, what a nice comeback to normal!

  21. Looks cheap honestly…. *(slow clap)

  22. From the screen we can see the location of the garage so … damn

  23. I guess Doug really loves this car.

  24. I watch it with the sound off and subtitles on. Reading it in my head with Doug's voice

  25. I just saw one In my driveway.
    Should I drive It around? 🤔

  26. You know, for something that costs 700k, it doesn't really look like a car that's worth 700k. Looks like a 300k "special edition" Ferrari.
    But that might just be me on how bland this looks.

  27. it should've been called the Ferrari SF90 ScreenDale

  28. that nervous smile when a stranger is driving your limited 650k Ferrari

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