The 2021 BMW Alpina XB7 Is a 600-Horsepower Luxury Family SUV

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Alpina XB7 review! The BMW Alpina XB7 is a family SUV that’s also a high-performance monster with over 600 horsepower — and a luxury SUV with great features. Today I’m reviewing the 2021 Alpina XB7 and I’ll show you all the quirks and features of the XB7. I’ll also drive the Alpina XB7 and show you what it’s like on the road.WEBSITE & MERCH! http://www.dougdemuro.comFOLLOW ME! Twitter – Instagram – Facebook – CHART:


  1. Why is "CARS AND BIDS" so funny?! 🤔

  2. Hoovie will buy one in a few years for 95% depreciation…. and it will be a hot mess.

  3. Did anyone notice the c7 corvette looking at the XB7?

  4. The rich again can do as they wish, the less well off must do as they are told, where is the justice it’s pushed down our throats about global warming big powerful cars should be banned now.

  5. Ugly ugly ugly. Why do the purposely make BMWs ugly now?

  6. Mad Max cars please …

  7. 16:56 That's also on the new X5, not sure if that's on all the new BMW's though


  9. For me it's looks like from side like alligator who's ready to escape from somewhere

  10. Doug is the type of guy who would wipe his butt on your carpet.

    For some particular reason unknown to you.

  11. An Audi ad on a BMW review.

  12. Get your hands on a 2021 TESLA Model S (York steering wheel)!!

  13. Doug DeMuro. The kind of guy who ACTUALLY reads the car owner's manual from the first page to the last, even in the other languages 😛

  14. Those BMW kidney beans have turned into nacelles.

  15. Someone needs to make a compilation of Doug just saying “This” at the start of his reviews

  16. This has nothing to do with an empty Tesla Model X. That pile of crap has seats and a steering wheel and this has the kitchen sink and then some. Tesla's crap SUV shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence as this truly luxurious SUV.

  17. I'd rather have a trackhawk, itll be more reliable than a bmw.

  18. Is he ever going to stop saying 'my NEW car auction website'?

  19. XB7 totally random name 😂😂😂

  20. Love Alpinas, but 150 is too much for the same multimedia, buttons, switches (except crystals installed) like in my 1 series costing few times less

  21. Guy reminds me of Chandler from friends 🤣

  22. I will never get over car reviews that spend 20 minutes on infotainment systems and interior buttons, but never mention engine displacement.

  23. Do i detect just one shirt?

  24. Wanted to hear the exhaust soind

  25. They couldnt make it uglier if they tried

  26. Hell Durango! Can't touch it

  27. Alpinas arent supposed to be supercars or high performance; they’re a mix of a Maybach and a RUF: They prefer torque to horsepower to add to cruising comfort (check out the z8 alpina), but adding luxury to bmw’s sportiness.. And the green’s always been there.

  28. Doug it's not an M so stop calling it one. Drive an Alpina back to back with a modern M. The M is unusable as a daily from how stiff the ride is, while an Alpina is like how old M cars were, sporty but still compliant. An M X7 would be awful because the kids in the back seats would be constantly complaining about being tossed around.

  29. dream car is an alpina b10 biturbo e34

  30. I would love to know what is a 10 in practicality and features in Doug’s mind 😒 this has it all cmon!

  31. Me: How are you doug?
    Doug: Before i say i am fine, please check out cars and bids.

  32. the traditional Alpina colors are green/blue, that's where the stitching comes from. it's like reviewing a ferrari and wondering where that horse comes from because the car has no horses on other places 😉

    also Alpina is a manufacturer, they cannot use an M badge on their cars, it's a different company. why not put "Carrera" on the Audi RS6, it's so fast – because it's a different company.

    an Alpina is much much rarer than any BMW M, so labelling as an M would be a downgrade, why should anybody want this?

  33. Waiting for u to actually drive the New EV Hummer when it comes out. I’m thinking of…Really.

  34. How can you kick out so many videos so often? I always know pretty much what to expect, in terms of format, not necessarily the opinions. But dude, you have become so damn good at this, and it's unreal to see. I don't care for BMW no matter what, not so much. Too many of them were too small for me. But, yeah – they are beautiful. I should send you a few pictures of those that I have seen at my work. Which includes the Porsche lovers at Canepa (whom I bet you know). Thanks Doug for your videos. I love them.
    Maybe the green stitching is for 'GO'… just being silly.

  35. 11:12 Our lil doug had an ouchie at his hand

  36. Green is one of Alpina’s colors….

  37. This should be one of the ugliest vehicles around. They tried hard on this one. A nonsense salad with useless "cool touches" that somehow some view as a status symbol ..

  38. Bring back the alpina 7 series I want another one I had a 7 series alpina that was the best car to have I bought it used..

  39. So is Albina the Brabus of BMW?

  40. Sorry Doug, at 19:43, I see the second row seats shift black/white color so quickly. Fully black, versus white-black… just being a technophile… so why? Your voice over did not break at all, so it might be consistent with what you filmed… except for your 'B' roll maybe? Sorry, I'm up late, and looking for new things to do myself. It just seemed a little strange. Maybe lighting… going under and overpass. Anyway, thanks man for all your videos – they have made me a little bit more happy.

  41. Alpinas traditional interior colours are blue and green.
    There is always something green in the interior somewhere.

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