Here Are the 12 Most Surprising Cars I've Ever Reviewed

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS! https://carsandbids.comOccasionally, I’m seriously surprised by a car I review. Today I’m going over the 12 most surprising cars I’ve ever reviewed, and I’ll explain which cars have shocked me the most — and why they have been so surprising.WEBSITE & MERCH! http://www.dougdemuro.comFOLLOW ME! Twitter – Instagram – Facebook – CHART:


  1. Please review the caterham 620r

  2. What is your co-stars name, the puppy?

  3. LOOL look at Noodle lmao

  4. Doug Just love your dog Sitting in the Back

  5. Doug Just love your dog Sitting in the Back

  6. You should watch your review of the 430 scuderia… you absolutely loved that thing i can't believe it didn't make the list

  7. This list was approved by Jeremy Clarkson

  8. How do you get the access to the more exclusive cars ?…(especially the race cars)

  9. Doug is the kind of guy in the movie "Whole 9 Yards." Dentist Perry.

  10. How did you get started reviewing cars? (especially w/o owning all of these hyper cars or super cars)

  11. Doug is the kind of guy who makes a top 10 list into 12 because he cant pick his favorites

  12. The most interesting quirk and feature of this video is the dog

  13. I wonder what the engeneers at Ford, who build the GT cars do, in between engeneering these cars? Are they purely working for the racing teams? I cannot imagine that they work on the normal cars?! Does anyone know?

  14. Doug is the type of guy who has a cute dog 🌈

  15. The Dog: "I'm worried about him"

  16. Doug should create a new youtube channel: Dog DeMuro

  17. New Channel coming up soon.
    This is dog de muro…. And this is my review on the Purina dog food

  18. Damnit doug I knew #1 was going to be something lame and expensive

  19. You wont buy a car because of what people will think?!? California has definitely rubbed off on you! You have one life to live, you work hard and love the GT350R… Fuckin buy one pansy boy

  20. Was this video in response to my exact question a few videos ago? If so, cool!!

  21. Soo why don't you review the NC Miata? It's based on a rx8 platform.

  22. The dogs in the truck like, "hey I though we were going for a ride?"

  23. I have to disagree with the fiesta st i drove a coworkers of mine (completely stock) and i was really underwhelmed

  24. Sorry Doug, i'm a big fan of your work, but don't talk about speed or performance… I know the law in the U.S. and i know it's impossible to go quick with these cars without a race track. Come to germany, take a run on the autobahn, then you can talk about performance and speed…. and what did you think about the lancia?? Are you serious? This car is a rallye car. built to race. you're not able to push this car to the limits, especially not on american roads. Just take a look at GRIP! with Matthias Malmedie, he will show you how to race on german streets…

  25. We need More Noodle DeMuro!

  26. Interesting comment regarding the Fiesta ST being the best compact hot hatch. Do/did you guys get the various hot Clio's? If you think 170bhp is fun in a Fiesta, you'll love 170-200bhp in a Renault Sport Clio

  27. Lmao that dog's face looks too funny 😂😂

  28. Doug's face in that mono lolll

  29. 13:53 "You can't throw around a Koenigsegg."
    The Stig has entered the chat

  30. Doug: 12 Most surprising cars

    Doug: Ford.

  31. A fair few of these are the cars real Top Gear used to rave about /own.

  32. Spent the full video watching the dog

  33. Isn't this the type of content that's supposed to be on "More Doug De Muro"??? Getting a bit confusing

  34. His next channel will be "More Dog Demuro"

  35. Can you review your dog and show us all of its quirks and features

  36. please put your dog more in your videos, i love it

  37. this should be on "more doug"

  38. And now watch the video again but replace every "car" with "woman". Damn is Doug a weirdo 😀

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