New Volkswagen Tiguan First Look: What’s new?

This SUV has been refreshed, gaining updated styling, more technology, a number of interior improvements and one touchy feature you just may hate…For more go to…​► Subscribe & hit the 🔔 for more Roadshow videosVisit us online at​ Twitter @Roadshow :​ IG @RoadshowAutos :​ Facebook:​Don’t miss our next video! Hit the 🔔 #firstlook​ #volkswagen​ #tiguan__________________ 5T20STACK


  1. Best to lease one.

  2. Why is there no hybrid like overseas?!!

  3. Where is the hybrid? Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Honda all have hybrids. Vw even has a hybrid Tiguan overseas

  4. Now that looks nice. If only electric with good range. 350+

  5. Let’s hope it has a quieter more powerful motor and better suspension

  6. It's a shame they have not increased the HP from this gimped engine to at least 228 HP. It's an easy $50 Software Remap for VW to do, but alas that would compete against its cousin the Q3. SMH

  7. garbage is still garbage

  8. We already have it in Europe with like 5 different engines.

  9. Can I get that in a diesel

  10. @3:20 you said this car compete with the Hyundai Santa Fe it doesn’t it’s compete with the Tuscan

  11. VW needs to add an all battery version. The current EVs in the lineup look like compliance vehicles in my mind. This looks much more finished.

  12. You gotta love those fake exhausts.

  13. rav 4, tucson, crv offers more power. How disappointing

  14. VWs are super expensive in Puerto Rico!

  15. Ironic; the styling of this might be more durable than that of the RAV4, however this thing will be in the junkyard long before that's relevant

  16. 01:55 “Keeping old man winter’s icy mitts off your nether regions…” no stop. Why would you word it like that lmao

  17. The RAV4 isn't an edgy design. It's just a baby 4Runner and everyone knows how well that dinosaur has aged.

  18. Looks so American. Like the market for the car was America.

  19. Ohhh my ghaaaaad the fake exhaust

  20. $50k and you get only 184 bhp? No thanks.

  21. If it's not electric it doesn't matter.

  22. Hmm…this or a RDX ASpec with 100 more horsepower? Tough call! 🤣

  23. What’s up with the fake exhaust trend?? So tacky..!!

  24. That shifter is 🤢

  25. Typical plastic VW trash

  26. Who buys this thing?

  27. VW styling is always inoffensive but unremarkable

  28. Love the Styling but I Expect more from VW🧐

  29. What's with the ultra fake exhaust

  30. The only thing to which I could really pay attention this whole video was how the VW logo at 0:03 is matte, yet it clearly is glossy just a few seconds later at 0:05.

    I'm guessing is a mix of stock footage from VW and footage from Roadshow.

  31. I just can’t understand why VW can’t raise the bar with their interiors. I left the brand because for that kind of money, others make me feel super luxurious.

  32. That exhaust is so so terrible!

  33. I love the refresh, I think the Tiguan is one of the best looking SUV's in its class. Sadly they refuse to up the HP's which it could benefit from.

  34. Power delivery was always a sore spot with this generation Tiguan. Glad they fixed it.

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