What should tomorrow's gas station look like and offer?

The concept of a true “service station” may take on new life, with fuel, charging, a restaurant, package services and even dark kitchens. One thing is known: Gas stations will evolve with the growth of EVs and the changes in our trip patterns.► Subscribe & hit the 🔔 for more Roadshow videosVisit us online at http://www.TheRoadshow.com Twitter @Roadshow : https://www.twitter.com/Roadshow IG @RoadshowAutos : https://www.instagram.com/RoadshowAutos Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RoadshowAutos/Don’t miss our next video! Hit the 🔔 #GasStations #AutoIndustry ___________________ C21STACK


  1. I would estimate the number of people who go to convenience stores to get something other than gas at over 50%.

  2. Me thinks there is going to be a lot of egg on faces when the all these estimates don’t pan out. Consultants are wrong just as much or more than their right. Electric vehicles outpacing ICE in ~10 years? Don’t bet any hard currency on that. I know lots of people are “all in” with electric cars but until they can do 500 miles with a 5 min recharge most people I know will not adopt. These states banning ICE will probably be challenged in court and may lose. Under what authority can they ban a vehicle sale? Lol. Why don’t they do that with cigarettes and alcohol then. The point is videos like this make it sound like it’s already a done deal but the real world is much more complex. 50-100 years to full EV is more real world reasonable.

  3. Here is something to think about. Used ICE cars my be worth a fortune in the future. They could become a trendy status symbol and conspicuous display of wealth. As in “look at me, I’m so rich $10 a gallon gas is nothing to me”. Maybe all the gas stations will be Starbucks branded 😂 The coffee will still be more per gallon but not by much.

  4. Well this is timely…

  5. Battery electric cars are a pain, gas will be in high demand. Your buying into the hype too much Cooley.

  6. Biden is president now. All it takes is to pass a bill that will standardize removable battery design so all electric car manufacturers will be forced to adhere to it. All in the name of the new green deal.

  7. Again, an urban leftist state is trying to sway everyone into their ideology. Cooley, you’re right about a lot of things but this ain’t one. There will never be battery powered vehicles for 50% of this country who travel long distances on a daily basis, therefore 50% of the gas stations will still be around in 2035.

  8. They could start by offering gas.

  9. Modular scalable swappables… eg 1400 AAs in a Tesla; 3000 in a Suburban.

  10. You're right about battery swapping. Maybe in 25 years when we really have level 5 cars and most people no longer own a car, they just call for a ride. At that point it's a transport pod and the human doesn't care what it looks like so the emotion of styling is gone. It will be all about utility and cost and then the owners of the service may want battery swap, especially if all the "cars" look nearly the same and could have a common skateboard.

  11. Y'all, if we could get Wawa here in SoCal, it would change everything.

  12. Lemme tell you, I drive a 2013 Audi S5 tuned to 450 hp, and its really frickin fun. I also work at a Volvo dealership, and the fully electric Volvo XC40 P8 is so much fun it’s not even fair


  14. It should have as many gas pumps as their real estate profile allows, and maybe a small store with road snacks and drinks. Sound a lot like gas stations today? Yeah, thats the ticket.

  15. EV's will only outsell internal combustion engined cars if the government forces the issue.

  16. Cooley said woke lmao

  17. I love humans, you do gooders are trying to get rid of the gas engine and doing so it's putting the world in massive shortages, it takes hundreds of computer chips to operate an electric vehicle and the world can't make enough of them. How about the latest shortage, sand ,it's used in circuit boards, chips, glass, among other things and they are now saying that sand (type that is used in these products) is in short supply and we as humans are digging more then earth can supply, good one folks. There are many other problems with EVs, like it still takes fossil fuel or uranium to produce that energy and fossil fuel power plants are one problem, but nuclear power plants pose a much larger issue. I keep my gas powered vehicle (if I had one) thank you, you all are opening pandora box with these EVs, not to mention you are putting thousands out of a good paying job, nothing like shooting ourselves in the foot, I am glad my time on earth is almost done I really don't want to be apart of what is to come.

  18. Excellent review of where the future needs to go. Will be hard with all that big oil money flowing through gas stations. I’m betting on more restaurants, Costcos, Sam’s Clubs, installing more charging stations.

  19. These are some great points.

  20. I think there's no tomorrow for ordinary gas stations serving non-commercial customers; depending on what you think how far away tomorrow will be.

  21. the Grant Tour already showed the future of gas stations lol

  22. You got to do more reviews

  23. Honestly I suspect gas stations (especially those along highways) will flip back something similar to truck stop diners,
    where the extra time to fill up will encourage people to grab a sit down meal or bite to eat.

    But even those are dependent on how fast the next generation of EV's charge from depleted to near full.

  24. Sorry, disagree. Gasoline is a near minimal draw and profits on the fuel are very low, driven by strong competition from the store at the other corners, all of whom post their prices in large font. Nearly half the sales of these locations are for cigarettes/tobacco products. These are drug dispensing shops. Remove gasoline and these smokers will still be stopping in to get their fix.

  25. Why didn't they add charge ports? Build up electric car infrastructure, as well as maintain business. Cars still have to go so why not invest in what's coming next.

  26. 3 min. to fill up a car, really?

  27. What about all these CO2s released generating electricity?

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