MEGA POWER FRUNK! The Ford F-150 Lightning All-Electric Pickup Truck has one, but what is it?

The new Ford Lightning can carry up to 400 pounds in its front trunk, or frunk if you prefer. Since there’s no internal-combustion engine in this truck, you get around 14 additional cubic feet of weather-tight, lockable storage space.Written & Presented by Craig Cole Produced by Nick Miotke► Subscribe & hit the 🔔 for more Roadshow videosVisit us online at​​​​ Twitter @Roadshow :​​​​ IG @RoadshowAutos :…​ Facebook:…​Don’t miss our next video! Hit the 🔔#Ford​​ ​​ #F150 #Pickup #Lighting #FordLightning_________ RV19STACK


  1. I blame Joe Biden for this he ruined the Ford Lightning all because he wants it to be more eco-friendly it could have been a 500 horsepower truck with a 5 liter coyote V8 but of course Biden had to come along and make everything eco-friendly I hope y'all are happy all the Karen's and people that are gay and lesbian and people that don't follow with God but I'm not going to shame you for having other cultures and loving other people why? because I'm better than that…… this is no longer the land of the free

  2. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individual's life plan, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today💯💯💯💯.

  3. Should lock woke Biden in that frunk

  4. Ford has a winner on their hands….

  5. Huh, when has spilled groceries were only an issue in the backseat. The frunk just us more options to where the mess can spill to.

  6. I wish it’s available now!

  7. I want to buy this legendary car right now 😍👍 F150

  8. CNET is really making tons of videos of repeat things about the lighting – they are playing the algorithm game 😒

  9. "mega…power….frunk?" I'm not exactly in the market, but I wouldn't buy one on principle, just because of that name…

  10. They need a stripped down tradesman version.. the frunk will be great for charging all the Drill and saw batteries and you can even plug in your corded power tools!

  11. Give me a Ranger version of this and I'm sold!

  12. It’s funny they advertise it with 600lbs of concrete loaded up but also say the weight limit is 400 pounds.

  13. Great for mexican cartel ..just throw people in there ..

  14. Here's the problem with this truck: It's not designed to be an efficient vehicle that captures all the practical values of a current pick-up. For that reason it will eventually fail. A competitor can take advantage of blatant fluff this thing has. For example, the tall front grill. That only exists because ICE F150s have it and they only have it because it appeals to those who want an obtrusive and/or masculinity enhancing vehicle. Absolutely, no matter what you might read, a radiator stack can be designed such that there's no large grill. For the competitor that's an simple advantage. Even the Tesla cybertruck doesn't have a barn door pushing through the wind and a tailgate door holding it back as much as this thing providing likely a 20% increase in freeway speed efficiency.

  15. I use my truck for road trips and I’m thinking this would not be practical. Especially pulling a trailer. Range will be sure to drop. Waiting to charge would be a real pain. May be fine for a city vehicle or a work vehicle in the city. But that isn’t what I would use it for. Might as well by a small electric vehicle for city use and stick with a fuel or hybrid for out of city driving. I’m also thinking if everyone switches to electric rates will go through the roof making gas look like a bargain. Until they can be fully charged in under an hour and have a range similar to gas I think I’ll pass.

  16. Good job Mr Pee Wee, that's an awesome truck!

  17. You had me at concrete and golf!

  18. I know people sleep on Ford because they are a legacy automaker and there are companies like Tesla,Faraday, Lucid and Porsche who are always adding all the bright Tech and cool features, but honestly, Ford is not far behind. Their Sync infotainment systems are better than most and they usually support all the cool features too, but they don’t do quite a good job of marketing to the younger generations especially on the tech side.

  19. 230 miles on a charge. Really practical.

  20. How is battery life if you have the info?

  21. Can I get one without the bed? I only need the front trunk.

  22. It’s about time FFS 😯

  23. A trunk in the front is still just called a trunk. Not a ‘frunk’. It’s named after the actual literal container called a trunk. Location of said trunk matters not. It’s a trunk. In the front.

  24. So no more gasoline f150s for the future?

  25. So is this the next gen or f150 or this separate??? Man this is cool but at the same time it's confusing.

  26. The wheels tho. It's too untruck like.

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