A True Piece of Technology: Introducing the BUGATTI Smartwatch by VIITA

The new BUGATTI smartwatch range, created with VIITA Watches, mirrors the unrivalled precision, artistry and technology synonymous with hyper sports cars crafted in Molsheim. Each of the models offers an innumerable amount of technical features—among them, data for use in 90 different sports, blood oxygen level data, acceleration data, and, specifically for the Bugatti watch, a GPS tracking mode. Every example is made by hand with meticulous attention to detail, leading to a seamless integration of more than 1,000 individual parts. The outcome represents the same engineering excellence which BUGATTI automobiles stand for. #BUGATTI #VIITAforBUGATTI #BUGATTISmartwatches


  1. I wish i kud have one of them😀😀😀

  2. I have Kickstarter , only 899 Euro

  3. Buggatti's top technology

    In 8cm of machinery


  4. Love Bugatti ♥️💔💖💝💘💘💘😍😍😍

  5. Now… how much is this?

  6. I love it but I want to know that why buggati did that?

  7. Hahahahaha nice joke Bugatti is it for april fools?…… oh wait…..its not a joke? 0-0

  8. Me: Looking at my last kidney.
    Kidney: F*ck

  9. Nice collab. High performance, apex tech, clean controlled design.👍

  10. Bon, bah j'en veux une!! lol

  11. Good bye Rolex 👋

  12. Does anyone have an idea of the price of this thing? It’s awesome!

  13. do you need the car to purchase one cuz im a "little" short for the car ya know

  14. well, i can't even afford this smart watch from my favorite brand 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Is it real that you can buy it for only 900 Euro aka 1000usd

  16. Bugatti watch cool

  17. Goosebumps level high🔥🌡️🌡️

  18. But the truth is nobuddy hear able to afford Bugatti not even i.

  19. Ok i think
    Rolex < Hublot < BUGATTI

  20. How much PS,does It have?


  22. OMG, this is actually awesome. Bugatti are the best!!!

  23. beautiful watch goes with beautiful car.

  24. Fiyatını düşünmek istemiyorum.

  25. Does it run 300+ Mph?

  26. ;-)👍👍👍👍

  27. How much will it cost is it like in the 100s range or the 1000s 😂😂

  28. You are supposed to post this on April first.

  29. This watch is really good but midele class and I can't afford

  30. Sòlo entré para dar like, chaooo ✌

  31. I don’t want a Rolex anymore..

  32. They should've gone with some dramatic music as always. Not this electronic ear rape.

  33. Rolex been real quiet ever since this dropped.

  34. Ok.. but what about the price ? 😶

  35. Guys do u know even my 15$ watch is 100m water resistance 😂😂
    It will be a tough competition

  36. Music is Dope🔥🔥

  37. BUGGATI cars are awsm Watch is also awsm the only problem is that


  38. I need me one of those. I have always wanted a Bugatti.

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