The daughter drive father's Lamborghini  #Lamborghini, #LuxuryCar, #SuperCarBlomde, #TopGear

The daughter drive father's Lamborghini #Lamborghini, #LuxuryCar, #SuperCarBlomde, #TopGear

Rate this 1 – 10 🌶🌶🌶The word supercar is thrown around describing various high performance cars, but only applying to few. This begs the question; what makes a car a supercar? There are many factors that a vehicle must satisfy before it can be considered a supercar. A few of these factors include, performance, brand name, and exclusivity. Performance is made up of three parts: handling, power, and speed. Brand name is important because of heritage and history. Exclusivity is important because of its rarity, price, and materials used. Supercars have been the pursuit of many companies for over a hundred years, but only few have succeeded.There are many factors that make a high performance car deserving of the title, supercar. The biggest factor is performance. Performance is made up of three parts: handling, power, and speed. Handling is how well the vehicle goes around a corner, which depends on the vehicle’s weight and suspension. A lighter vehicle will corner faster than one with heavier weight because centrifugal force which pulls a rotating body away from itself. Suspension is also key because it reduces body roll. Body roll is how the weight of the car transferred from side to side. The heavier the car, the more body roll which in turn, slows the car down. Power is another important factor in becoming a supercar. Power is created by the engine which is then interpreted into horsepower and measured in watts. Horsepower originated for horses pulling power against a steam engine. In modern times one horsepower is the equivalent to 746 watts. The more power a car has, the higher speed a vehicle can achieve. Speed is one of the most important aspects in a vehicle becoming a supercar. A general rule in a vehicle becoming a supercar is the top speed.—————————————————————————— get Coffee ☕️ for me – subscribe and click the bell 🔔 icon (i upload video daily. so, you can be the first liker for me) ——————————————————————————Iam oshani weerakoon(Blogger) 🇱🇰 17 years old. I like to present Geek, Technology, Makeup , Fashion, Vehicles, Gaming and Best thing is it? comment, like & share————————————————————————— Want you fallow me 🦄 🪲Instergram – @Oshani weerakoon @iamOshee🦀Facebook – @Oshani weerakoon💩Whatsapp. – 😉you can find number on video😁


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