The all-electric ID.4 GTX | Volkswagen Way To Zero

All-electric. All-wheel. All-fun. The all-electric ID.4 GTX.Find out more at: see all the latest videos, subscribe to the Volkswagen YouTube Channel: Volkswagen on Social Media: Facebook: Instagram:


  1. The new Volkswagen car ID.4

  2. Wow great lioking car!

  3. Wow that's good

  4. Nice…. Car.. scenario.. Music…

  5. Test drove the ID4 this week. Absolutely disappointing compared to anything from Tesla. Its heavy and it doesn't even tell you where you can recharge. I had to use my phone and separate app. Why? The infotainment really is laggy and why in the world did they chose to have drum brakes in the rear? Its a mess! 😬

  6. The ID.4 looks and drives like a prototype. Its definitely not ready!

  7. The general people for america are so dimwitted that VW figured the ID4 Gtx would be a better fit for the public then a ID3 or a Cupra Born.

  8. VW… for those ‘in the know’… 👌🏽

  9. Also, everyone still hates a BMW driver 🥴

  10. I need the id series in New Zealand!

  11. Waiting for Indian market

  12. Yesterday my volkswagen (a new one, bought in Dec 2020 en 7000 km) played no music. So much for the new technology.

  13. Please stop with the Pri………..rain…..

  14. Love this above all !
    Congrats Team Volkswagen!!!
    Keep making masterpieces!!!

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