NEW Toyota GR86 FIRST LOOK: Keeps it Simple.

Some thoughtful upgrades bring Toyota’s analog sports coupe up to date without forgetting its simple, solid roots.Written & Presented by Andrew Krok Produced by Nick Miotke► Subscribe & hit the 🔔 for more Roadshow videosVisit us online at​​​​ Twitter @Roadshow :​​​​ IG @RoadshowAutos :…​ Facebook:…​Don’t miss our next video! Hit the 🔔#Toyota ​​ #GR86 #SUPRA


  1. Is it GR86 stands for Gazoo Racing 86?

  2. I'm getting the subie

  3. Needs more cowbell. Or torque. For the price, might as well get a mustang or the Supra

  4. Simple is beautiful

  5. Just lightly Supercharge it & you're good.

  6. I see more RC-F than Supra

  7. Nice to see you back Andrew! Always liked your presentation.

  8. Stop saying Toyota do this and Toyota do that….it Subaru product

  9. What on earth is the matter with Americans who affirm that +200hp is "not a lot of power"?

    Is it not conditioned greed?

  10. It looks like a mini Jaguar

  11. What am I missing here? Are they changing the name of this car for every iteration?

  12. 0-60 in 6. Something seconds Sucks! For a car like this in an age where cars for under 100K are doing sub 4 second 0-60, Toyota are you kidding, this car should at least be a 5 second car! What a joke

  13. Why tf do they think we want Subaru engines??!?!?
    Is it really gonna tank the company to develop a modern 3S or 1J? 😐

  14. My next car; 0-60 in around 6 seconds, no torque dip and better low end torque, 30-50kg less weight, even lower center of gravity and even better chassis+suspension? If the price is right, this car will be awesome!

  15. The design is too boring. And too discombobulated. The front looks nice, but the mid is boring, and the rear is boring. And the front, mid, and rear have nothing to do with each other… design fail…

  16. Want a turbo? Buy a supra. This is an entry level sports car. Not a muscle car. Not a premium sports car.

  17. Just keep it under 30k

  18. Why does Toyota and/or Subaru refuse to turbocharge this car? If they did that they could do away with that ridiculous looking BMW Supra they sell.

  19. The amount of people here alone not thankful for a humble sportscar still revealed in this day and age is exactly why they're dying, especially from Japanese company

  20. Is that Subaru engine "Toyota Reliable?" I have a friend with the previous gen car and he's had expensive engine problems.

  21. Why everybody talking that previous gen had not enough power. Power was fine, torque was the problem.

  22. Prefer the previous gen

  23. They might be joint venture with Subaru but hey atleast both companies are Japanese not Bavarian joint… As Akio Toyoda said that he want a pure Toyota made sportscar

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