The Bugatti EB110 Is the Ultra-Rare, Ultra-Quirky 1990s Bugatti

CHECK OUT CARS & BIDS! https://carsandbids.comBugatti EB110 Review!!!! It’s time for the fabled Bugatti EB110, the weird 1990s Bugatti nobody knows about. Today I’m giving you a thorough tour of the EB110, and I’ll show you all the amazing quirks and features of this very quirky, very rare car. I’ll also drive the Bugatti EB110 and show you what it’s like on the road.WEBSITE & MERCH! http://www.dougdemuro.comFOLLOW ME! Twitter – Instagram – Facebook – CHART:


  1. 5:18 imagine if that button breaks and your stuck in the car. The windows don’t roll down enough to climb out. I guess it’s not like anyone actually drives these regularly. Still, super cool part of automotive history.

  2. OMG already one year since CarAndBids! Time flies!

  3. Doug DeMuro is impossible to exist in GTA world

  4. Youre great at what you do, but you are a bit odd

  5. They should really restore the Bugatti factory building (La Fabbrica Blu) in Campogalliano, Italy. Such a nice building!

  6. @ 32:07 There's still a few more important 90's motors to do, e.g. the Aston Martin Virage Vantage, Lister Storm, Venturi Atlantique 400GT & Porsche 911(993) GT1

  7. Late but, I think the fuel doors change up based on region and the opposite side is always better for weight distribution maybe? And you can never be embarrassed pulling up to the wrong side at a gas station 🤣

  8. You didn't even mention the Autozam AZ-1 in front of you!
    When are you going to do an episode on that?

  9. Cars and bids is shit.
    Thank God for adblock. Haha

  10. I also like airplanes

  11. Genuinely my absolute favourite Bugatti, and one I'd love to see up close as well. Equally I'd have loved to have been where that guy was at the end getting to see this and an F40 as well.

    Though I thought it might be worth bringing up something that you may or may not have known, which I only found out about myself after watching this earlier today, and it's that Bugatti did offer compensation at the time for the rubbish storage space/lack of a boot of any kind in the form of two suitcases which came with the car and slid behind both seats (pic below).

  12. Is this a coincidence or what yesterday I was just typing doug demuro eb 110 but no results and after some time I got a notification doug demuro bugatti eb 110 wow 👏 what a life
    I think doug can think what I think just kidding

  13. Ettore Bugatti, It was an italian car from the beginning. The first factory was built in German territory back in the past what it is now french-land. Italian blood on this car…no french at all :-p LOL!!!. Joke aside, great car which was ahead of its time.

  14. Looks like the window motor is on its way out…… that can’t be cheap lol

  15. Am i the only one reading 11GB when looking at the 110EB logo next to the windows? 19:07

  16. In the end the moment he said no one notices it a guy in a Ford pickup truck noticed it.

  17. It looks almost EXACTLY like the Lamborghini Diablo from 2001 from the side.

  18. What’s that little red car Towards the beginning of the video ?

  19. If you don't know the EB110 you aren't really a petrolhead….

  20. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

  21. I had Burago model of eb110 when I was kid.

  22. It has an Amaron battery : Silver ting, silver tong!

  23. Bugatti have the most fastest cars

  24. I think this is the first doug review on a car with an aftermarket head unit… that’s so crazy

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