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Finally. That’s all I can say. This is it. This is the coolest and greatest car that will ever be in front of the Auditography lens. The majestic. The iconic. For many people, the ultimate and impossible dream Audi. The

And so, it’s finally here. The 2021 Audi RS e-tron GT. Since the concept was shown first time 3 years ago, it’s been the most awaited and anticipated Audi among automotive fans. Luckily for us, it hasn’t changed at all

Alright folks. It’s time to present to you the tuning of my Audi RS6. I was going back on forth of what to choose. I looked through the most exhausts like Milltek, Akrapovic, Armytrix and so on. But when the

Only 25 made for America, so this is super special. Finally, this unique new RS6 Avant Nogaro Edition enters the Auditography channel. Me and the owner were planning a shoot for a long time and it finally happened. Tribute to

And so, we jump into a big high-tech luxury boat. The A8 L now gets the hybrid setup with a Turbocharged V6 together with an electric motor, and it combined pumps out 449horses and 700Nm. That makes this 2.3 ton

And so we hop into this monstrous matte black 1of125 Audi RS7-R Sportback. Wow. Today it was almost -20c (-4f) in Warsaw, and it was just as cold as it looks. Despite several bottles with boiling water, it was almost

The new Audi A6 saloon sure is a looker. It’s not getting enough attention due to the RS6 surely, but we’re gonna give it some this time. The new 300hp PHEV engine is out (also with an alternative 362hp one),

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