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So, finally the new RS7 Sportback, in Nardo grey and carbon pack, is in our hands without the annoying OPF filter. This is the Non-European version. Which means it’s louder. We’re taking the beauty out on the streets of Doha,

Write all guesses in the comments until the reveal tomorrow! 6PM C.E.T. 8th November 2020.Alright folks. This is epic, huge and I’m still in disbelief. Earlier this week, something happened, that I never thought would be possible. I didn’t plan

Finally. The highly anticipated 2021 Audi E-Tron S Sportback is in front of my lens. Taken at beautiful south of Germany, is the Catalunya red EV beast with 503

Alright folks. It’s time to show you the 1st Audi RS6-R Avant ABT in America. This 2021 Navarra blue baby looks stunning. 1 of 125 limited edition by ABT Sportsline, and here are the details of the beast. And don’t

And so we hop into a hot newcomer, the 2021 Audi A6 Avant 55TFSIe quattro S-line, which is a hybrid vehicle. A combined output of 362hp, makes it even more powerful than the Audi S6 Avant TDI. Would you pick

Here comes a brand new 2021 Audi RS5 from the streets of Warsaw, in an amazing spec. The glut orange together with black optics, looks insane. And don’t miss the high quality photos from this session as well. Check them

And so, it’s time for an awesome Audi R8 on the channel again. This time, it’s the newest version, the 2021, in the V10 Performance top of the range, in a special Camo wrap. Hope you enjoy the beast, on

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