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£15m PAGANI TAKEOVER! Zonda Cinque, Fantasma Evo, Viola, Huayra Dinastia

£15m PAGANI TAKEOVER! Zonda Cinque, Fantasma Evo, Viola, Huayra Dinastia

It’s literally a Pagani dream as the Raduno descends upon Melbourne for the Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend! With some of the rarest models taking part, including the hugely iconic Zonda Cinque Roadster, one-off Zonda 760 Fantasma Evo, one-off Zonda 760 Viola, one-of-3 Hauyra Dinastia, a Zonda C12 S and finally the Huayra Parchetto Tempesta SM Edition.

Join my experience of the first day of the event with a sneak peak inside the garage at the cars lined up before they fire up to head on a short city drive to get the trip started. Jumping onboard a Bentley Continental GT V8 S from Bentley Melbourne, it gives us the perfect opportunity to enjoy seeing these fabulous cars on the road. Australia is typically a country that cars like this are often not seen due to high luxury goods taxes and a regular ban on LHD cars at all outside of trade or servicing works purposes.

With the cars arriving from Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong and the UK, the Pagani Raduno also celebrates the opening of the new Zagame Pagani showroom in Melbourne, the first in Australia.

Thanks for watching, Tim


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