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And so it’s time for the beautiful 2020/21 Audi R8 V10 RWD Spyder to jump in front of our lens. Taken to the Alps, the new Rear Wheel Drive R8, is dressed in Arablue crystal effect and looks stunning. Especially

And so the time has come to finally have the new 2021 facelifted Audi RS5 Sportback, in front of our lens. Dressed here in the awesome Sonomo green metallic, golden 20” wheels and carbon fiber package. We take it to

About a month ago we showed you the world premiere of the brand new 2020/21 Audi RS7-R Sportback from ABT Sportsline. That time it was a special car for Daniel Abt, with a special wrap and color on the car.

And so, here is a World Premiere. The brand new 2020 Audi SQ8, here tuned by ABT Sportsline. Power comes from a 4.0 V8 TriTurbo TDI engine, pushing out 520hp and a massive 970Nm. The changes are different front splitter

Probably the meanest SUV so far. ABT Sportsline too the stock SQ7 TDI and blacked it out, added a wide body kit on it, and gave it an extra punch so it now kicks a massive 970NM and 520HP. Instant

Don’t you ever forget where you come from. Don’t ever forget your roots. This is by far the most unique duo I have ever shot. To see Audis currently fastest car, the 2019 R8 V10 Performance, next to the icon 1983

So, here it is, ladies and gentlemen. The first faclifted 2019/20 Audi R8 V10 Performance with aftermarket wheels by Abt Sportsline. In the gorgeous Ascari blue color, a drive on over 2500km up to the tops of the Austrian Alps

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