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And so, we’re back in the south of Germany / northern Austria to shoot the SQ5 Sportback. It surely is different, and a love or hate opinions have been falling over this car since its recent release. Do you like

Finally! I was very stoked when I was shooting this gorgeous 2021 Audi S6 here in Doha. Why? Cause the last 2 years, I’ve only been having the European version with the V6 TDI engine with 349hp for shoots. This

And so we are hopping in to the brand new supermodel, 2021 Audi E-Tron GT. Dressed here in Daytona gray and looking gorgeous. Enjoy all the detailed footage, and enjoy it in 4K. And don’t miss the high quality photos

And so this time we jump into the 2021 RSQ3 Sportback in the funky Kyalami green color and all black optics and wheels. Are you a fan of this mini-Urus? Would you take it over the RS3? We take it

Alright folks. Lets take a break from the brand new Audis, and go back in time a bit. I found another participant for my Audi Legends series. This time, it’s the first generation Audi S5, called the B8. It only

We’ve shown you several new Audi S8’s here on the channel, but never one in black optics. Here comes one dressed in Mythos black from Akker in Netherlands. Looks really cool with the black grille and details. This is the

And so we visit the beautiful Plansee in Austria yet again and this time hop into the new facelifted and funky Audi SQ2 in Apple Green and black optics. Are you a fan of this baby-SUV? Would you pick it

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