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Why do cars have top speeds that are insane? From Ford to Ferrari, top speeds can make no sense, but technology is about to slow you down. Read more on this from Brian Cooley -► Subscribe & hit the

Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto are pretty compelling and save you money, but here are some solid reasons why factory nav can still be a compelling option to buy. Brian Cooley explains -► Subscribe & hit the 🔔

Never mind the occupants, the safest cars will soon protect pedestrians. The new ratings for IIHS Top Safety Pick cars will include how well the car avoids hitting pedestrians, a reflection of advances in technology and a retreat in pedestrian

Top 5 reasons to buy a Tesla: Never mind insane mode, here's what really moves Tesla cars. Brian Cooley breaks down the reasons why people want to buy the Model Y, Model 3 and Model S more than other EVs

Finding a car with comfortable seats can be difficult during a test drive. Long drives reveal flaws that short test drives can't. It's time to answer your email about finding comfy seats. Read more on this from Brian Cooley -

Overfilling your car past the pump's first click seems like a prudent idea, but the money it can waste in lost fuel or an expensive repair to your car's vapor recovery system is just not worth a few more miles

Gas stations that aren't well maintained can be introducing soil and water into your car's engine. Brian Cooley explains how to tell what you're really putting in your tank. Read more on this from Cooley -► Subscribe & hit

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