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At £2.5m, you'd want the Lamborghini Sián to deliver more than just outright performance. Exclusivity, for a start. But also those premium, glossy details on the options list that Aventador owners can only dream of. So, does it deliver?

Freddie, Chris and Paddy head to the Lake District for an emotional reunion with their own dads' old cars. Elsewhere, Chris heads out on the track to test Lamborghini's most powerful car ever, the hybrid Sian. #TopGear #NewSeries #PreviewArticle Mentioned in

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In this teaser from the upcoming series of Top Gear, Chris Harris gets behind the wheel of the Sián - Lamborghini's first foray into hybridity. But this isn't a petrol-sipping eco-mobile - "no $£*!, Sherlock" we hear you cry -

A proper look at the cars, drifts, challenges, drifts, laps and, er, drifts featured in the new series of Top Gear. Chris Harris, Freddie Flintoff, and Paddy McGuinness find themselves amongst some of Bond's greatest runabouts, there's the new Ferrari

No budget limits, no restrictions: what's the greatest family car? Well Chris Harris thinks it's the new Audi RS6 Avant. A practical estate with nearly 600hp to get Little Johnny to football practice very, very quickly. Paddy McGuinness disagrees though,

Ferrari SF90 Stradale是法拉利首部千匹街車,兼且是Ferrai第一部plug in hybrid插電混能車,首次設有純電行車模式的型號也是它,全電時移動車身的任務交給一對頭轆處理可謂聞所未聞。總之花臣多多,複雜非常。 無論如何,SF90 Stradale第一個焦點必然落在馬力。很多香港人一見到1,000匹這個數字又會獨發他們的神經,認為此馬力等同浪費,香港馬路連500匹也未必發揮得盡,影片會對此探討一下。 近年Tesla Model 3、Porsche Taycan等EV不停挑戰超級跑車的加速力,油電混合的SF90靜止加速的一剎,會發生甚麼事?編輯在最後的畫面決定以扭曲的面容,告訴大家加速力的高低。 SF90很可能是法拉利未來的藍本,將來的超級跑車如果一律需要摩打協助,駕駛感會否太人工化,少了一點引擎車特色呢?本片會與大家一齊體驗。 意猶未盡的話,2021年3月號雜誌版會有SF90 Stradale更詳細的報導。0:00 純電里程考驗 5:23 科技解構 8:25 決戰大帽山 18:25 彩蛋-------------------- Web: FB: IG: Driver's Club FB群組: 電子雜誌一年訂閱(iPad版) 電子雜誌Android版 電子雜誌iPad版 source

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