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As my ”Audi Legends” YouTube series is getting more and more popular, it’s time to present to you star of the next episode. It’s the first Audi RS5, the 2010 version and with the classic first headlights. This car is

And so, here comes the next hero the Audi Legends series. I really wanna show you the historic Audis that paved the way for the cars we see today. This one is really special. We’re going back 30 years in

And so, it’s time for the 5th episode of our ”Audi Legends” series. This time we have a real gem here. It’s the first generation AUDI S8. Here it’s the facelifted first gen from 2001. Specced in the Audi exclusive

It’s time for another episode of the Auditography series ”Audi Legends”. This time, we take you back to 1999-2003 when the first generation Audi S3 was made. One car that I respect and like very much. The first generation Audi

Okay folks. Here comes a super duper special one. I told you I’m gonna bring some special Audis to the channel this year. This one hits one right in the feels. My next star in my ”Audi Legends” series is

So here at Auditography we’re gonna do a series called ”Audi Legends” where I will present to you some of the most important, legendary, and also some classic Audi cars throughout the years. First out is the car that started

"Fearless pioneers who defined the laws of physics in the air and on ground". When the famed and celebrated French aviation pioneer Roland Garros was looking for a car which would enable him to travel as fast on land as

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