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Finally, we get our hands on the brand new, 2nd generation AUDI A7 SPORTBACK. Driven in the beautiful landscapes of Oslo in Norway, you can enjoy the cars beautiful exterior and all it's new technology. Enjoy! I also suggest you

If the stock 400hp 2018 Audi RS3 Sportback is not enough for you, ABT Sportsline have created this true little monster, with 500hp! A unique visit in Kempten, to drive this beast. Enjoy! I also suggest you go to the

A very special get-together with the brand new 2018 Audi RS4 Avant and the Godthar of RS4s, the 2001 Audi RS4 B5 Avant. Enjoy! I also suggest you go to the page, to see unique shots from this photoshoot,

The higly anticipated 2018 Audi RS5-R by ABT Sportsline is here! We get the first out of 2 cars at the moment, and take it to the Austrian Alps. Enjoy! I also suggest you go to the page, to

The new AUDI RS4 AVANT is one of the hottest new cars this year. Can it handle the rough winter? We take it to the Tatra mountains and make it work hard. I also suggest you go to the

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