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This time we take a gorgeous brand new 2020/21 Audi RS6 C8 Avant to some amazing locations to show you it’s beauty. It’s a true beauty and the beast. Enjoy the beauty shots, and also don’t miss the high quality

After already have shown you the new 2020 RS6 Avant in Tango red, here comes another color and package. This time it’s the popular Daytona grey, here with aluminum optics. Taken to the roads of Malibu in California, on actually

And so finally! The first real test of the new 2020 Audi RS6, that was recently revealed. Went to amazing Malibu, California in USA, for the launch of the car, and spent some days with it. It’s amazing how well

Finally. Finally.. And yet again, Finally. The automotive fans have been asking this for years now. When will the new RS6 come? When? When? When? Well, my friends. The wait is over. In a closed event a month ago, I

And so after the popular video of the new S7 Sportback, we move on to the also so very beautiful S6 Avant that also had its launch at the same time. And yes, also here the European market will get

As we all are waiting for the new Audi RS6 C8, that should come in the end of this year, ABT Sportsline makes our wait a bit easier with this gorgeous brand new 2019/20 Audi A6 Avant ABT, with a

The so awaited Audi RS6 C8 Avant, is around the corner. The closest we can come to it now, is with this fully equipped 2019 Audi A6 C8 Avant, in Typhoon gray and black optics. We show this car in

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