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When I bought one of my absolute dreamcars a few months ago, the C7.5 Audi RS6 Avant, I immediately started to plan in my head of how I wanted it to look like when I’m done with it. After a

Alright folks. Lets take a break from the brand new Audis, and go back in time a bit. I found another participant for my Audi Legends series. This time, it’s the first generation Audi S5, called the B8. It only

In this new episode of Audi Legends, today, we hop into the stunningly beautiful R8 V8, the 1st generation facelift. My oh my, this car has SO much soul. I was driving it whole day yesterday and today and wow,

Alright folks. It’s time to present to you the tuning of my Audi RS6. I was going back on forth of what to choose. I looked through the most exhausts like Milltek, Akrapovic, Armytrix and so on. But when the

When generations clash! We’ve come a long way. Aight folks. It’s time for a special one, as I hinted last week. When I was shooting the brand new 2021 S8 (D5) in white, my buddy Spanner Center who helped me

And so, today was a special day, when I was invited to the TheQcollection himself and his newest toy, a brand new Audi exclusive colored Vegas Yellow RS7. Probably one of the coolest looking new RS7s so far. This guy

This here I’m sure will be special for most of the automotive fans. As almost all of the new cars of today are equipped with rev-limiter and OPF-filters, there are some markets that don’t require them. Here, is the perfect

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