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The 2018 Audi RS4 Avant is already with it's 450hp, one of the fastest cars on the market. The guys at ABT Sportsline have added 80hp to achieve 530hp, and lots of other goodies. Check also out the page, where

The 2018 Audi RS3 Sportback ABT has over 100hp more than the stock RS3. Here you will see it climb the Bavarian Alps, in some stunning locations, as well as see details about the car. Check also out the page,

It's time for a very special one. This Audi R8 is the absolute last produced manual R8. It left the factory in 2015 and is owned by Erik Dietz, and is one of the more popular R8s on the social

We take a first look at Audis first all electric car. This is a production ready version, and I was one of the few people invited to take a look at the interior of the car, that is fully ready.

And so, we were one of the very first to go with Audi to the mesmerizing location of Atacama desert in Chile, to check out the brand new AUDI Q8. Enjoy these beautiful locations of the new star in the

The new generation Audi A8 is a very advanced car. Here in the glacier white, and the Lang version, it really sticks out. Taken to the streets of Doha, Qatar, you'll get some amazing scenery. Check also out the

We continue our collaboration with ABT Sportsline. Their 2018 Audi RS4-R Avant, is an absolute beast. Here all blacked out, you get to see it in the closest details. Check also out the page, where you can also download

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