MotoGP 2021 Ducati Team Presentation

by Ducatipublished on February 9, 2021

Welcome to the family! Here is your 2021 Ducati Lenovo Team with the brand new #DesmosediciGP21. Jack Miller and Pecco Bagnaia are geared-up and ready to take on the new season as part of the official #DucatiLenovoTeam2021. Take on the new year with us! #ForzaDucati!

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  1. John

    Jack Miller will be something, thanks me later

  2. Franco Borghese


  3. Choopremo

    The Ferrari of MotoGP but a lot faster

  4. Raphael Krüger

    Fucking Maskerade

  5. Czer Ruiz

    Hopefully JM43 can be the next CS27…winning a world title with Ducati as an Aussie world champion.

  6. Allan Bates

    All I want for motogp 2021 is a non European rider win on a European Bike. Binder on the Ktm, Miller on the Duke. Please pretty please

  7. alessandro lupo

    avete dimenticato le luci!

  8. J.V.M.

    Very Red

  9. Adji Satria Willem Post

    Bismillahirrahmanirrahim 🤲🏻😊


  10. Martin Kaufmann

    How stupid! After the west takes finally some steps to entangle from chineese unfair trade practices, go against the CCP chineese communist party, defend against the chineese political subversion, etc etc Ducati the german italian company takes the chineese PC manufacturer as a PR-partner. HOW STUPID IS THAT? 😟

  11. Duy Nguyễn

    Ducati conquers Motor GP 2021

  12. Филипп Квасников

    Главное байк! Всё остальное расходник! (с) Дукати

  13. VICATI

    We’ve got some good riders cant wait to see the Season!!!

  14. Awesome Err

    Looks the same…except the winglets are red instead of black…

  15. EdgarO EdgarO

    #ForzaDucati 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🏁🏁🏁

  16. 357

    No podium supermodel can achieve the sex appeal of the Ducati bike

  17. Rides with Hoover

    About time we had an Aussie back in a major team go Jack

  18. Madjayax

    9:16 Pronto ! SBinnala

  19. Nelson Caseiro

    great guys, Miller&Bagnaia, great team, good luck!!!

  20. NorthofYou1

    Jack. The hat over the ears is so 10 years ago.

  21. banmadabon

    A busso Ducati!!!

  22. Elkin Martinez


  23. Hicksy

    23:31 this attitude is why Ducati doesn't have the championship pedigree that they should have

  24. Agung Alghazali

    03:43 DUCATI 🇮🇹

  25. Madtoy


  26. M4kmur 0606

    One of indonesian fans support for you Ducati lenovo Team 👍👍

  27. Petáh 65

    Hope the GP Team Will do better then last year, otherwise give me a call👍😉

  28. Mavsyy

    Best team presentation so far

  29. Yann Berger

    Can't wait to see the result as everyone… Racing is racing and what wins looks beautiful; most extreme predators are beautiful because they are the result of genetical refinement through generations according to its environment. Will this bike become the top of the crop? We'll see; others took other routes, more subtles; let's see who's on the right track.

  30. Richard Barnett

    Super excited for the season! This one is going to be very interesting! Go Ducati!

  31. ameet rajkarnikar

    feels so happy and exciting for the new 2021 Ducati gp21 bike and as a fan of Ducati I feel happy that they launched it on my birthday which is on 9th feb 1979 !!! All the best to the two riders miller and pecco !!!

  32. Johno Queensland

    Watch out Jacko, Ducati discards it’s riders like used toilet paper.

  33. Don Darko

    I'll stay with PRAMAC as a sponsor NOT Lenovo for ethical reasons.

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